Mineral Salt Deodorants: What Makes Them So Special

Mineral Salt Deodorants: What Makes Them So Special Mineral salt deodorants are becoming increasingly popular these days. Some consumers claim they’re the best thing they’ve ever tried, while others are reluctant to experiment and prefer to stick to regular deodorants and antiperspirants. What is the difference between mineral deodorants and mass-market products? What makes mineral deodorants so special?

First and foremost, let’s figure out the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants are designed to eliminate body odour caused by perspiration. High-quality deodorants kill bacteria responsible for odour, while low-quality deodorants simply mask the odour of perspiration. Antiperspirants stop or significantly reduce perspiration and thus prevent odour-causing bacteria from growing by reducing the moist climate in which they thrive.

In the United States, deodorants are classified and regulated as cosmetics by the FDA, while antiperspirants are classified as drugs. Both products, however, are sold over the counter. Deodorants can be reapplied several times a day, while antiperspirants are generally applied once a day. They are better applied before bed, but many people prefer to apply antiperspirants in the morning.

Although antiperspirants are effective against body odour, their frequent use is not recommended. Antiperspirants are formulated with aluminium chlorohydrate and other compounds that react with the electrolytes in sweat to form gel plugs in sweat gland ducts. They also have an astringent effect, causing the pores to contract. As a result, antiperspirants may cause irritation and even inflammation in the sweat glands (hidratenitis). Besides, perspiration is important for thermoregulation. People who frequently use antiperspirants, especially in hot weather, have an increased risk of heatstroke.

Mineral salt deodorants are a safe alternative to antiperspirants and many of the mass-market deodorants. They are also known as mineral deodorants, natural deodorants or deodorant crystals. Mineral deodorants are free of aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol, zinc oxide, triclosan, and other potentially harmful or irritating compounds. Their key ingredient is potassium alum, a naturally occurring sulphate mineral, which has pronounced astringent and antiseptic properties. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria responsible for body odour without affecting perspiration.

Mineral salt deodorants have a number of benefits compared to mass-market products. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

Safety. Mineral deodorants are safe and suitable even for sensitive skin. Unlike antiperspirants that clog sweat gland ducts, mineral salt deodorants do not affect perspiration. They eliminate the bacteria that cause body odour. Besides, potassium alum has styptic and antiseptic properties so it is used to reduce bleeding in minor cuts. This means that you can apply it right after shaving your armpits, and it won’t irritate the skin like a mass-market antiperspirant might.

No fragrance. Most deodorant crystals are unscented so you can use your favorite perfume without being afraid that its smell will clash with the smell of your deodorant. Some mineral deodorants do have a light smell but they are formulated with natural essential oils or floral water instead of artificial fragrances.

Affordability. Mineral salt deodorants might seem more expensive compared to regular deodorants and antiperspirants but in fact they are cheaper. The matter is that deodorant crystals last very long. An average-sized crystal should last for a year of regular use.

Hypoallergenic properties. Mineral deodorants are free of synthetic ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions. They are safe for people prone to allergies, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.

As you can see, natural deodorants with potassium alum are a safe, effective and affordable alternative to antiperspirants. You can buy mineral deodorants in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a great selection of deodorants crystals, sprays, sticks and roll-ons produced by brands such as Grace, Aasha Herbals, Agor, Crystal, Lafe’s Natural BodyCare, Ekolux, Ecolab, and Chandi.

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