Probiotic Detergent Gels by Organics

Probiotic Detergent Gels by Organics Organics is a Ukrainian household care brand that produces environmentally friendly cleaners formulated with probiotic microorganisms. The brand’s probiotic detergent gels effectively remove dirt and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. They are absolutely safe for human health and the environment. Let us take a closer look at these products.

Organics has been producing high-quality microbiological products, eco-friendly detergents, and hygiene and sanitary products since 2007. Its products are noted for unique formulations based on a type of beneficial microorganisms called probiotics. They are free of synthetic surfactants and other harmful ingredients, which makes them completely safe.

The term “probiotics” refers to microorganisms associated with health benefits for humans and animals. The introduction of the concept is generally attributed to Nobel Prize laureate Élie Metchnikoff, but the term came into common use in the 1980s. Although probiotics are typically associated with consuming with food, some types of probiotic bacteria can be used in cleaning agents due to their ability to decompose organic matter.

Organics has developed household cleaning products based on a combination of probiotic bacteria and mild organic surfactants called alkyl polyglycosides (APGs). APGs are a class of non-ionic surfactants derived from sugars. They are obtained from carbohydrate-rich renewable raw materials, such as sugar cane, corn starch, sugar beet, etc. APGs are effective, easy to rinse off, safe even for sensitive skin, and completely biodegradable.

Organics offers several household cleansers with probiotics, including Probiotic Dishwashing Gel, Probiotic Kitchen Cleaner, Probiotic Sanitary Cleaner, and Probiotic Sensitive Gel Laundry Detergent. Let’s learn more about the brand’s probiotic detergent gels.

Organics Probiotic Dishwashing Gel easily removes grease and food residue, leaving the dishes squeaky clean and shiny. It is effective even in cold water. The product’s key ingredients are probiotic bacteria and plant-derived surfactants.

Probiotic microorganisms feast on organic matter, that’s why they are so effective against all kinds of food residue. They remove dirt even from microcracks and pores, as well as inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and help to restore the normal flora of your skin.

Plant-derived surfactants (APGs) enhance the effect of probiotics. They are easy to rinse off and don’t dry the skin. The safety and effectiveness of APGs is confirmed by a number of trustworthy organic quality certificates, such as FDA GRAS, BDIH and Ecocert.

If you want your clothes and linens to always be clean and fresh, check out Probiotic Sensitive Gel Laundry Detergent by Organics. It easily removes stains and dirt from different types of fabric. The product is suitable for both hand and machine wash and is effective in cold and hot water.

Like other detergents by Organics, this laundry detergent gel contains probiotic bacteria and APGs. APGs mostly cleanse the surface of the fabric, while probiotics penetrate deep into the fibres and act like biological disinfectants, eliminating not only the last traces of dirt, but also pathogenic flora. Both cleansing agents are absolutely safe for children and people for sensitive skin.

The effect of probiotics and alkyl polyglycosides is complemented and enhanced by potassium soap. Natural soap has been used as a laundry detergent for centuries. It makes the clothes really clean, doesn’t damage the fabric or cause it to fade, and is safe for your washing machine. The gel also contains plant betaine that acts as a natural conditioner, making the fabric softer.

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