Luxurious Hair Serums by Planeta Organica

Luxurious Hair Serums by Planeta Organica A serum is a gel-like, highly concentrated beauty product with a particularly high content of active ingredients. Hair serum coats the surface of your hair and prevents it from getting tangled, gives it softness and shine, and protects your hair against exposure to harmful external factors. Planeta Organica presents a line of luxurious hair serums for all hair types.

Hair serum makes the hair healthier and shinier due to its high content of nutrients, moisturising agents and other active ingredients. It prevents the hair from tangling, makes it tamer, protects the hair from dust, humidity and UV rays. Most people use it as a preventive measure against dry, brittle, damaged hair.

Key ingredients usually contained in hair serums include carrier and essential oils, natural extracts, vitamins (especially tocopherol, commonly known as vitamin E, that is valued for its antioxidant properties), hydrolysed proteins, etc. Many serums (but not all of them) contain silicones that make the hair smoother and sleeker.

Russian beauty brand Planeta Organica offers several hair serums that you can try out and figure which one is best for your hair type. They are based on traditional beauty recipes from around the world, which is reflected in their names: Brazilian Dream Silky Hair Serum, Guatemalan Energy Intensive Hair Serum and French Style Expert Hair Serum.

Hair serums belong to the brand’s professional hair care line that also includes hair oils, hair elixirs and bio hair masks. All products in the line are formulated with certified organic oils and extracts that help to keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. They are safe, natural, and perfectly suitable for daily use.

Let’s take a closer look at professional hair serums by Planeta Organica. French Style Expert Hair Serum is designed to make unruly and frizzy hair tamer and easier to style. The serum makes the hair much smoother and sleeker, restores its natural shine, and significantly reduces the time of styling.

Key ingredients contained in the product are grapeseed oil, rose oil and extracts from the herbs of Provence (basil, thyme and sage). These ingredients keep the hair hydrated, protect it from harmful environmental factors, make the hair softer and more manageable, prevent it from tangling. Unlike some other styling products, the serum doesn’t leave the hair feeling or looking greasy.

If you have thin, dull, dry and brittle hair which needs extra hydration, check out Brazilian Dream Silky Hair Serum with an instant moisturising effect. It makes the hair softer, restores its natural shine, and effectively revitalises even extremely dry hair. Due to its high content of active ingredients, the serum has a cumulative effect: if you use it regularly, your hair will look healthier with each use.

The serum takes good care of the hair due to containing avocado oil, rose oil, aloe vera extract and liquid silk (hydrolysed silk protein). Oils provide the hair with essential fatty acids and other nutrients, aloe vera extract had a strong moisturising effect, and liquid silk repairs damaged hair structure. The product makes the hair softer and smoother, improves its elasticity and flexibility, and prevents tangling.

Finally, Guatemalan Energy Intensive Hair Serum is designed to make the hair look thicker and enhance its volume. It lifts the hair at the roots and helps to keep it this way for hours, visually increasing its volume. The product is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially recommended for taking care of thin, weak, dull and lifeless hair that lacks natural volume.

The serum is formulated with organic cocoa butter, coffee oil, and peppermint oil and extract. These ingredients help to lock in moisture, nourish the hair, prevent brittle hair and split ends, make the hair softer and smoother, help to keep it looking and feeling fresh, and protect the hair from high temperatures during blow drying and heat styling.

Hair serums are applied to clean, slightly damp hair. You can apply them only to hair ends or along the entire length depending on the desired effect. Serums do not require rinsing, you can proceed to styling your hair as soon as you’ve applied them.

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