Concentrated Fabric Softeners by Royal Powder

Concentrated Fabric Softeners by Royal Powder Fabric softeners provide a finishing touch to laundry, making clothes soft and giving them a nice smell. In contrast to laundry detergents, they are more of a laundry aid, along with bleaches, stain removers and water softeners. If you’re looking for an effective and safe softener, check out concentrated fabric softeners by Royal Powder.

Some consumers think that fabric softeners are just a marketing ploy to trick consumers into buying more laundry products. However, they are wrong. Textiles (especially natural fibres such as wool and cotton) are subjected to great mechanical stress during machine washing. The fibres at the fabric surface are frayed and squished, giving the laundry a harsh fill.

Adding a fabric softener during the rinse cycle helps to neutralise this effect and results in laundry feeling softer. Besides, fabric softeners impart antistatic properties on fabrics, give a pleasant fragrance to the laundry, help to reduce wrinkles and make fabrics easier to iron, prevent wear and tear, and sometimes even protect colours from fading.

Early fabric softeners were usually based on an emulsion of soap and some kind of vegetable oil. Today, there are different kinds of fabric softener based on various fabric softening chemicals. Rinse-cycle softeners are typically formulated with cationic or anionic surfactants as the main active ingredient.

Ukrainian brand Royal Powder has a line of fabric softeners based on mild, plant-derived cationic surfactants that are highly unlikely to irritate even overly sensitive and allergy-prone skin. They are completely free of aggressive surfactants, phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine, phenol, ammonia, synthetic fragrance, and other ingredients that may pose danger to human health or the environment.

Safety and environmental sustainability of Royal Powder fabric softeners have been confirmed by the Living Planet international eco standard (see the Green Crane label on the bottle). All products manufactured by DeLaMark (the owner of the Royal Powder brand) are 14024 certified.

Royal Powder fabric softeners make laundry incredibly soft and give clothes a light, pleasant smell. As we’ve already mentioned, they are free of synthetic fragrance. Instead, they contain an essential oil blend that has a nice odour and is completely safe for your health.

Along with producing a softening effect, fabric softeners by Royal Powder also eliminate pathogenic microbes (thanks to containing lavender oil which has natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties), reduce static cling, and make ironing easier. They are suitable for all fabric types, including wool and silk. Due to their highly concentrated formula, these fabric softeners last long and thus help to save your family budget.

Royal Powder offers eight fabric softeners with different fragrances: Carpathian Herbs, Floral & Fruity, Floral & Green, Floral & Woody, Saffron & Purple Orchid, Wild Flowers, Wild Rose, and Yellow Iris & Narcissus. You will be able to choose the one that’s just right for you regardless of what kind of smells you like, fresh and grassy or sweet and fruity.

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