Phosphate-free Liquid Laundry Detergents by Royal Powder

Phosphate-free Liquid Laundry Detergents by Royal Powder Washing powder is the most common type of laundry detergent, but liquid detergents, also known as laundry gels, have been increasingly growing in popularity since their introduction in the 1950s. If you’re thinking about switching from your regular washing powder to liquid detergent, check out concentrated liquid laundry detergents by Royal Powder.

Liquid and powder detergents have the same active ingredients except for the filler used, but liquid detergents have some advantages compared to washing powders. First, liquid detergents are completely water-soluble, so they do not accumulate in the textile fibres or inside your washing machine, while washing powders are harder to dissolve. Besides, most laundry gels dissolve easily in cold water, helping to save on energy.

Second, liquid detergents are safer for allergy-prone people because they don’t irritate the upper respiratory tract, whereas washing powders sometimes do. Third, you can use laundry gel to pre-treat tough stains before washing, pouring it directly onto clothes.

You may say that liquid detergents are more expensive than washing powders. That’s usually true, but most liquid detergents are highly concentrated. A bottle of high-quality liquid detergent generally lasts long, and in the end it may turn out even cheaper than washing powder.

Of course, not all liquid detergents are equally good. As we’ve already mentioned above, liquid and powder detergents are formulated with the same active ingredients, specifically surfactants. Sometimes these active ingredients are cheap and effective, but at the same time not safe for human health and/or the environment.

For example, phosphates were once widely used as an ingredient in consumer detergent products due to their ability to make detergents more efficient by chelating magnesium and calcium ions. Unfortunately, phosphates are very harmful for the environment because they remain in wastewater, eventually make their way to natural bodies of water and cause harmful algal bloom. Most detergent companies have started to remove phosphates from their products, but you can occasionally come across cheap detergents with phosphates.

If you care about the environment and the future of our planet, you should choose phosphate-free liquid detergents. For example, Ukrainian brand Royal Powder presents a line of laundry detergent gels that do not contain phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine, zeolites, or any other potentially irritating or hazardous ingredients. Their safety and environmental sustainability are confirmed by the Living Planet international eco certificate.

Royal Powder liquid laundry detergents are formulated with mild but effective anionic and non-ionic surfactants. They easily remove all kinds of stains (tea, coffee, blood, grass, baby formula, juice, wine, make-up, sweat, oil, grease etc.) from different types of fabric, prevent wear and tear, and keep colours from fading. Besides, these detergents are 98% biodegradable and easy to rinse off, which is especially important for people with sensitive skin.

Due to their highly concentrated formula, Royal Powder detergent gels last long and help to save your family budget (one bottle of detergent is enough for about 20 loads of laundry). They are compatible with all types of washing machines and suitable for hand and machine wash, as well as for soaking and pre-treatment of stains.

Royal Powder offers several kinds of liquid laundry detergent, including Universal, Baby, White, Black and Colour. All of them are formulated with the same active ingredients, but White, Black and Colour detergent gels are enriched with additional ingredients that help to preserve the colour of the fabric, whereas Baby liquid detergent has a milder formula which makes it perfect for delicate baby’s skin.

You can buy phosphate-free liquid laundry detergent by Royal Powder in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer other products manufactured by the brand, including universal washing powder, baby washing powder, softening washing powder, professional washing powder, and a great selection of fabric softeners with various scents.

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