Noise of the Carpathians Handmade Natural Soap by YAKA

Noise of the Carpathians Handmade Natural Soap by YAKA Ukrainian beauty brand YAKA presents Noise of the Carpathians, a new collection of handmade soap bars infused with Carpathian herbs. Each soap is based on a blend of high-quality vegetable oils and medicinal herbs wild-harvested in the Carpathian mountains, and is free of synthetic dyes, fragrance, preservatives and other potentially hazardous ingredients.

The Carpathian Mountains are a mountain range system stretching across Central and Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, and Romania. The Ukrainian Carpathians are famous for their breathtaking scenery, clear rivers, fresh air, and fragrant medicinal herbs. Carpathian herbs have long been used in traditional medicine by local population to treat a range of conditions, as well as for their aromatherapeutic properties.

Inspired by the richness of the stunning nature of the Carpathian Mountains, YAKA specialists created a new product line entitled Noise of the Carpathians. It comprises handmade soap bars formulated with natural oils, extracts and herbs, and free of animal fat. They include Carpathian Bath, Carpathian Classic, Carpathian Mountain, and Hutsul Herbal Bouquet. Let’s take a closer look at each of these soaps, its key ingredients and skin benefits.

Carpathian Classic Handmade Natural Soap

This bar soap is perfect for taking care of dry skin that needs hydration. Its key ingredients provide the skin with essential moisture, as well as make it soft and smooth. The product is formulated with chamomile and calendula (marigold) infusion. These herbs are widely used in skincare and traditional medicine due to their antiseptic and soothing properties. They relieve red, irritated and flaky skin, combat inflammation and breakouts, accelerate the healing of scratches and other minor injuries, produce a rejuvenating and revitalising effect, provide the skin with vitamins, and help to tighten pores.

To complement and enhance the effect of calendula and chamomile, the soap contains shea butter extracted from the nut of the shea tree native to Africa. It is composed mainly of oleic acid and stearic acid, but also contains linoleic acid, palmitic acid, linolenic acid, and arachidic acid. Shea butter is widely used as a skin moisturiser. It helps to lock in moisture, makes the skin softer and smoother, improves its elasticity and firmness, and protects the skin from the environment.

Carpathian Mountain Honey Handmade Natural Soap

Honey is valued in skincare because of its high nutrient content and strong antimicrobial properties (most microorganisms do not grow in honey, so it has been used to treat skin wounds and burns since ancient times). Honey helps to prevent dry and flaky skin, makes the skin softer, relieves irritation and inflammation, and speeds up the healing of minor injuries.

Alongside high-quality herbal honey from the Carpathians, the soap contains finely ground honeycomb that has exfoliating properties. It gently removes dead skin cells and polishes the skin. Another active ingredient that can be found in this soap bar is lemon essential oil. It helps to reduce pigmentation and acne scars.

Carpathian Bath Handmade Natural Soap

Since ancient times, hutsuls (the local population of the Ukrainian Carpathians) have used juniper in traditional steam baths (banyas). Like most coniferous plants, juniper has strong antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Juniper relieves inflammation, eliminates pathogenic bacteria and fungi, makes the skin smoother, and has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. The soap contains juniper extract and juniper leaves, which produce an exfoliating effect.

To enhance the exfoliating properties of dried and powdered juniper leaves, the product contains finely ground oatmeal. It delicately removes dead cells, dirt, grime and excess oil from the skin surface, stimulates microcirculation in the epidermis, makes the skin smoother, and helps to prevent cellulite.

Hutsul Herbal Bouquet Handmade Natural Soap

This soap has a unique formula based on the most useful and fragrant Carpathian herbs, such as sage, chamomile, calendula and hops. Each of these herbs has a wide range of skin benefits, as well as strong aromatherapeutic properties. The herbs relieve irritated and inflamed skin, produce an antibacterial effect, normalise sebum secretion, make the skin smoother, restore and maintain its natural elasticity. Due to their antiseptic properties, they help to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, and some other skin conditions.

In addition, the soap contains grapeseed oil. One of the lightest oils used in skincare, grapeseed oil helps to make the skin incredibly soft, prevents dehydration, and provides the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Handmade soap bars by YAKA are an effective and affordable skincare product suitable for all genders and skin types. You can buy these soaps, as well as other skincare products produced by YAKA (toners, lotions, creams, serums, scrubs, etc.), in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a great selection of natural and organic cosmetics, convenient payment methods, and international delivery.

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