Rich Hair Masks by Planeta Organica Beauty Recipes

Rich Hair Masks by Planeta Organica Beauty Recipes Russian beauty brand Planeta Organica presents its new collection entitled In Search of Beauty Recipes. It comprises skin and hair care products containing over 90% of natural ingredients. Among the products labelled as In Search Beauty Recipes, there are rich hair masks designed to make your hair thicker, stronger and shinier.

The condition of your hair directly depends on many factors, including your overall health, the environment, and the quality of the hair care products you use. For example, your shampoo, conditioner and hair mask should be chosen according to your hair type. If you have any problems with your hair or scalp (dandruff, greasy scalp, weak and brittle hair, split ends, etc.), you need to use hair care products designed to solve a particular problem.

Planeta Organica In Search of Beauty Recipes presents rich hair masks formulated with natural ingredients. They are free of potentially irritating and harmful ingredients such as SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate), parabens, mineral oil, etc. In addition, they are free of animal products and have not been tested on animals (certified vegan). The safety of Planeta Organica hair masks for human health and the environment is confirmed by international quality certificates.

Each of the masks is formulated with organic carrier oils and herbal extracts that penetrate deep into hair structure and repair it from the inside. Depending on the oil that acts as the key ingredient in the product, Planeta Organica offers three natural hair masks: Organic Baobab (African Thickness & Glow), Organic Shea (Precious Nourishment & Ultra Revitalising), and Organic Coconut (Tropical Hydration & Shine).

Organic Baobab Rich Hair Mask, also labelled as African Thickness & Glow, is based on organic baobab seed oil and organic Madagascar vanilla extract. These ingredients make the hair stronger and thicker, as well as restore its natural healthy shine. Baobab oil is valued in skin and hair care because it contains fatty acids that are rarely found in other vegetable oils. It improves hair structure from root to tip, provides hair follicles with nutrients, enhances hair volume, and stimulates its growth. Vanilla extract contained in the mask relieves itchy and flaky scalp, as well as gives the hair a light and pleasant scent. Other natural ingredients that can be found in the product include shea butter, cocoa butter, wheat protein, and vitamins.

Organic Shea Rich Hair Mask, also labelled as Precious Nourishment & Ultra Revitalising, is designed to take intensive care of thin, weak and brittle hair. Key active ingredients contained in the product are organic shea butter and organic cinnamon extract. Together, they repair damaged hair structure, make the hair stronger, thicker and shinier, and increase its volume. To complement and enhance the effect of these two ingredients, the mask contains jojoba oil and cocoa butter. These oils help to keep the hair hydrated, make it soft, smooth and more manageable, and produce a strong revitalizing effect. Ylang-ylang oil that can be found in the product is a natural fragrance and antiseptic.

Organic Coconut Rich Hair Mask, also labelled as Tropical Hydration & Shine, will make your hair incredibly soft, silky and shiny. Its formula is based on organic coconut oil that has long been used as a moisturising and nourishing ingredient in many cosmetic products. This oil provides the hair with fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients, helps to lock in moisture, makes the hair softer and smoother, prevents dry and brittle hair. In addition, the product contains orange flower water and panthenol (provitamin B5). These ingredients help to repair damaged hair structure from root to tip, as well as improve hair elasticity and flexibility.

Rich hair masks by Planeta Organica In Search of Beauty Recipes have a thick texture that envelopes each hair, nourishing and protecting it. They are easy to apply and spread over the hair from root to tip. To enhance the effect of the hair mask, we recommend that you also buy a shampoo and hair conditioner from the same line (Organic Baobab, Organic Coconut or Organic Shea, depending on which mask you’ve chosen).

You can buy In Search of Beauty Recipes hair care products by Planeta Organica in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a great selection of nature and organic cosmetics at affordable prices, convenient payment methods, and international delivery to almost any corner of the world. Keep your hair healthy and beautiful with Planeta Organica and Organic Store!

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