Handmade Laundry Soap by Cocos

Handmade Laundry Soap by Cocos Most people use different types of laundry detergent (washing powder, liquid detergent, etc.) to clean their laundry. Unfortunately, many synthetic detergents contain phosphates and other ingredients that may be dangerous for human health and the environment. If you want to keep your family healthy and reduce your environmental impact, try eco-friendly detergents or even handmade laundry soap.

Soaps made from fat and lye were the first laundry detergents. In fact, the development of synthetic detergents began in response to shortages of traditional soap during World War I. Although commercial laundry detergents do have a lot of perks, all-natural laundry soap may still be the best choice when it comes to hand washing delicate garments or newborn baby clothes.

Ukrainian beauty and household brand Cocos produces handmade laundry soap based on coconut oil. Because of its high essential fat content, coconut oil is an important base ingredient for the manufacture of soap. Coconut soap tends to be harder than, for example, olive soap, but it is more soluble in salt water and hard water than other soaps. It lathers easily and helps to remove even difficult soils.

Soils difficult to remove include wine, coffee, tea, fruit juices, grass, blood, fat (vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oil, grease), rust, soot, sweat, etc. Some of them can be removed by bleaching with chlorine or another oxidizing agent but this is not an option for brightly coloured fabrics or delicate garments. Laundry soaps by Cocos contain natural additives, such as ox gall, which remove difficult soils without damaging the fabric.

Coconut & Ox Gall Handmade Laundry Soap is based on an old recipe that was used by European soap-makers back in the 19th century. It contains only three ingredients – coconut oil, ox gall and turpentine. As we’ve already mentioned above, coconut oil is considered one of the best base oils used in soap making. Due to it saturated fat content, coconut-based soap lathers well and doesn’t leave any residue. It is suitable for washing almost all kinds of fabric.

Ox gall and turpentine are natural stain removers that help to get rid of organic soils such as blood, wine, coffee, tea, fruit juices, grass, etc. Although they are generally considered safer for the fabric than, for example, chlorine bleach, we recommend against using ox gall soap to wash silk or very delicate garments. It is, however, safe for baby clothes and sensitive skin.

Another handcrafted laundry soap produced by Cocos is Handmade Household Coconut Soap. Made with coconut oil, water and lye, it is a multi-purpose laundry and cleaning product that can easily replace at least half of your household cleaning products. This soap can be used to wash all kinds of clothes, including newborn clothes and linens. You can also use it to pre-treat persistent stains.

In addition, you can use coconut soap as an all-purpose household cleaner. The product is perfectly suitable for cleaning bathtubs, sinks, floors and kitchen surfaces, as well as washing dishes and even hard-skinned fruit and vegetables. One bar of this soap can replace your regular laundry detergent, stain remover, dish soap, and household cleaners. The soap is completely natural and eco-friendly, it doesn’t contain any synthetic surfactants, phosphates, fragrance, and dyes.

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