Feminine Intimate Washes by Dr. Sante Femme Intime

Feminine Intimate Washes by Dr. Sante Femme Intime Keeping your lady parts clean is crucial for your overall health so it’s very important that you use a good intimate wash that doesn’t upset the pH balance of your vagina. If you’re looking for an intimate wash that’s both high-quality and affordable, check out feminine hygiene products by Dr. Sante Femme Intime.

Dr. Sante is a beauty brand owned and produced by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa whose products are popular in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, as well as in some countries of the Middle East. It includes over two dozen product lines for skin and hair care, including Aloe Vera, Body Correct, Cucumber Balance Control, Femme Intime, Goji Age Control, Macadamia Hair, Oily Rich, Pure Code, Simply Clean, and many others.

Femme Intime by Dr. Sante is a collection of delicate intimate washes that are specifically designed for everyday use. Based on safe and natural ingredients, they are free of artificial dyes or harsh surfactants that may cause irritation. Their active ingredients provide gentle cleansing, prevent dehydration, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, and help to maintain the healthy vaginal flora.

Dr. Sante Femme Intime offers soothing moisturisers (a cream and a lotion) and several intimate washes, including Gentle Care Feminine Intimate Wash, Gentle Care Foaming Feminine Intimate Wash, Moisturising Feminine Intimate Wash, and Soft Touch Feminine Intimate Wash.

All of them are formulated with lactic acid that helps to maintain the slightly acidic physiological pH level of your intimate parts (4.8-5.2) and protects them from harmful bacteria and fungi. In addition to lactic acid, these products contain other natural ingredients such as green surfactants, allantoin, panthenol, chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf juice, marigold oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and olive leaf extract. And now, let’s take a closer look at each of these feminine washes.

Gentle Care Feminine Intimate Wash

This product is specifically designed for women with super sensitive intimate parts that easily get irritated. It has a very gentle formula with mild surfactants that will keep your nether regions feeling clean and fresh throughout the day. The wash is free of any potential allergens that may cause dryness, itching, burning, or redness.

In addition to plant-derived surfactants, the product contains allantoin and chamomile extract. Allantoin is a natural compound that has pronounced softening, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile extract is widely used in cosmetics because of its antiseptic and soothing effect. It kills harmful bacteria and effectively soothes irritated skin and mucosae.

Moisturising Feminine Intimate Wash

This intimate wash has been created for women of all ages who lead an active lifestyle and need a product that will keep them clean and fresh all day long, regardless of what they do. It is formulated with moisturising and soothing ingredients that relieve discomfort, irritation and redness caused by salt or chlorinated water, tight synthetic underwear, low-quality female hygiene products, allergic reactions, and other factors.

The product is infused with allantoin and aloe vera leaf juice. As we’ve already said above, allantoin is an anti-inflammatory and regenerative agent. Aloe vera leaf juice is a natural moisturiser. It keeps the skin of the intimate parts hydrated, prevents irritation and itching, and produces a soothing effect.

Soft Touch Feminine Intimate Wash

During menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum period the pH of female intimate parts changes so your regular intimate hygiene products may do more harm than good. To keep your lady parts healthy during special periods, you need special products like Soft Touch Feminine Intimate Wash by Dr. Sante.

This product is free of SLS, SLES, soap, and other harsh surfactants that may cause irritation. In addition to safe surfactants, it contains calendula oil, bisabolol, and sweet almond oil. Calendula (marigold) oil is a strong antiseptic that stimulates skin regeneration. Bisabolol is derived from chamomile and therefore has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Sweet almond oil moisturises, nourishes, and softens the skin.

Gentle Care Foaming Feminine Intimate Wash

This is a light-textured product that is specifically designed to take care of very sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergies. It is formulated exclusively with mild and safe ingredients that pose no harm to the skin and mucosae of your female parts. The product’s key ingredients include panthenol, olive oil, and olive leaf extract.

Panthenol is widely used in cosmetics and medicinal preparations thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties. Olive oil and olive leaf extract help to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration, make the skin much softer, and give a sensation of comfort that lasts the whole day.

All feminine intimate products labelled as Dr. Sante Femme Intime have been dermatologist and gynaecologist tested, which confirms their safety and effectiveness. They are highly unlikely to cause irritation, itching, and other unpleasant symptoms unless you’re hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.

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