Bath Products for Kids by Pink Elephant

Bath Products for Kids by Pink Elephant Ukrainian-Polish company Elpha is well-known for its numerous cosmetic and household care brands, including several brands that are specifically designed for children. For example, the company’s brand named Pink Elephant offers products for kids aged 3 or older, including toothpastes, lip balms, soaps and bath products.

Pink Elephant, also known as Pink Elephant 0 Percent, is a brand of personal care products for children. All its products are absolutely safe for children’s skin because they are dermatologist tested and free of SLS/SLES and other harsh surfactants, PEG (polyethylene glycol), parabens, and other potential irritants.

Each Pink Elephant product has a picture of a cute animal on the packaging, accompanied by the animal’s funny name and a short story, which you can use to transform your child’s personal care routine into a fun and exciting game with a new animal companion. All products have a fruity smell that most kids tend to like. With Pink Elephant products, your kid will be looking forward to bathing, washing their hair and even brushing their teeth.

Among the brand’s products, there are shampoos and bubble baths. They are based on mild, green surfactants that don’t irritate sensitive skin or sting the eyes. Let’s take a closer look at bath products produced by Pink Elephant.

Lisa the Kitten Kids’ Bath Foam

Lisa is a small kitten who loves taking bubble baths because the foam is so soft and fluffy, just like a feather bed. She plays with the bubbles until the water cools down and it’s time to go to bed. After a bath, Lisa always falls asleep quickly and sleeps well, having the best dreams!

This bath foam has a pH-balanced formula that will keep your child’s skin soft and hydrated. It doesn’t cause redness, itching, flaking or other signs of irritation. The product’s key active ingredients are panthenol, allantoin, orange extract and vitamin E.

Allantoin and panthenol are widely used in cosmetic products because of their soothing, hydrating and regenerative properties. Orange extract produces an antiseptic effect and gives the bath foam its citrus smell. Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant that boosts skin regeneration and renewal.

Sean the Puppy Kids’ Bath Foam

Just like his best friend Lisa (because who said that cats and dogs can’t be friends?), Sean the Puppy absolutely adores bubble baths. He loves to blow on the thick, fluffy foam and watch it float in the air like small clouds. Isn’t it great to take bubble baths and play like Sean?

Despite being free of SLS and SLES (which is definitely a plus), this bubble bath lathers really well and produces lots of fluffy foam that your child will be happy to play with during his or her bath time. The product contains bilberry extract, blackberry extract, wheat protein, panthenol and allantoin.

Panthenol and allantoin soothe the skin and stimulate its regeneration. Berry extracts contain vitamins and antioxidants that help to keep the skin healthy. Hydrolysed wheat protein has hydrating properties. It helps to lock in moisture and prevents dry, red, itchy and flaky skin.

Taya the Hare Kids’ Conditioning Shampoo

Taya the Hare loves her berry-scented shampoo because it lathers well and doesn’t sting her eyes at all. When she washes her hair with this shampoo, it becomes really soft and never tangles. That’s why Taya tries to wash her hair as often as possible!

Like all bath products by Pink Elephant, the shampoo is based on green surfactants with a delicate cleansing effect. It also acts as a conditioner, preventing the hair from getting tangled and making it tamer and more manageable. The shampoo is formulated with hydrolysed wheat protein, strawberry extract and panthenol.

Panthenol prevents itchy and flaky scalp, helps to fend off dandruff and keeps the hair from getting dry. Wheat protein repairs damaged hair structure and produces a conditioning effect, making combing and brushing easier. Strawberry extract makes the hair softer and silkier.

Mikha the Bear Kids’ Shampoo

Mikha the Bear has very thick fur and has to wash his head often so that his fur always remains soft and doesn’t get tangled. This shampoo is Mikha’s favourite because it has the nicest smell, fresh and grassy, and never stings the eyes.

The shampoo doesn’t weigh the hair down or cause itchy and flaky scalp. Its mild surfactant base is very gentle, so the product is suitable even for kids with sensitive skin. Its key active ingredients include panthenol, hydrolysed wheat protein and bamboo extract.

Panthenol restores the hair’s natural healthy shine, helps to prevent dandruff and prevents itchy and flaky scalp. Hydrolysed wheat protein helps to keep the hair from getting tangled and makes it softer and more manageable. Bamboo extract has a hydrating effect on the hair and makes it stronger.

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