Secret Life Face Masks by Bio World

Secret Life Face Masks by Bio World A proper skincare routine consists of several steps that include cleansing, toning, moisturising, nourishing, exfoliating, etc. Most skincare products are specifically designed for one of the steps, but some (for example, face masks) serve several purposes at once. Belarusian beauty brand Bio World presents its Secret Life masks that will help to keep your skin clean, hydrated, toxin-free and radiant.

Bio World is a relatively new player in the Belarusian beauty market, but its products have already become popular among consumers in both Belarus and its neighbouring states. The company has two main product lines, Botanica and Secret Life. The latter is designed for women whose skin is affected by aggressive environmental factors that are inevitable in a big city, such as polluted air and UV radiation. All products from this line are formulated with natural ingredients that help to restore the natural health of your skin as well as protect it from the environment.

Among other products, Secret Life by Bio World offers four face masks for all skin types from three collections: Hydro Therapy, Detox Therapy and Luxury Therapy. Each of the masks is designed to solve specific skin problems, such as lack of moisture, dull complexion, blackheads and acne breakouts, flaking, and others. Let’s learn more about the benefits of Secret Life face masks.

Secret Life Hydro Therapy Moistening Super Hydrating Facial Cryo Mask

This mask is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially recommended for dry and very sensitive skin. It provides deep hydration and helps to lock in moisture, prevents itchy and flaky skin, makes the skin soft and supple, and has a pleasant cooling effect.

The mask is formulated with aloe vera leaf juice, hyaluronic acid, passion fruit extract and witch-hazel extract. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are valued for their moisturising properties. These ingredients prevent dehydration, improve skin regeneration, relieve irritated skin and prevent premature wrinkles. Passion fruit extract gives the skin a vitamin boost, and witch-hazel extract has soothing, protective and antioxidant properties.

Secret Life Detox Therapy Charcoal Powder Facial Detox Mask

The product is designed to cleanse, detox and balance oily, combination and problem skin. Its ingredients literally suck dirt and excess sebum out of the pores, inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria on the skin surface, and prevent greasy complexion.

This mask contains activated birch charcoal, ginseng root extract and lemon peel extract. Activated birch charcoal has exfoliating and absorbent properties. It removes dead cells from the skin surface and helps to get rid of excess oil and toxins. In addition, charcoal produces an antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. Ginseng extract has pronounced antioxidant properties, and lemon peel extract balances the skin and prevents acne scars.

Secret Life Luxury Therapy Exfoliating Peel-Off Face Mask

This mask has an exfoliating effect. It improves complexion, reduces pigmentation and even smooths out fine lines. The product is suitable for all skin types; it will make your skin noticeably softer and smoother after the first use.

The key active ingredients that can be found in the mask are RUBIXYL and glycerine. RUBIXYL is an innovative peptide-based ingredient with a moisturising and rejuvenating effect. It reduces the first signs of skin ageing, slows down the ageing process, prevents dehydrated and sagging skin, and helps to protect the skin from the environment. Glycerine helps to keep the skin hydrated and enhances its natural barrier functions.

Secret Life Hydro Therapy Cleansing Peel-Off Face Mask

Finally, the fourth mask by Secret Life is designed for deep cleansing and hydration. It eliminates blackheads, prevents acne breakouts, makes the skin look clean, fresh and glowing, and gives a healthy complexion.

The product contains kelp extract and activated carbon. Activated carbon (charcoal powder) has cleansing and exfoliating properties. It removes dead cells and excess oil from the skin surface, balances the skin, and helps to eliminate microbes that cause acne and inflammation. Kelp is a rich source of minerals that your skin needs to remain healthy. In addition, it boosts skin elasticity and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

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