Masks and Other Hair Care Products by Bio World

Masks and Other Hair Care products by Bio WorldWhen you don’t take proper care of your hair, it gets dry, damaged, dull and unruly. Even healthy hair needs moisturising, nourishing and conditioning in order to remain healthy. If you’re looking for effective and affordable hair products based on natural ingredients, check out masks, sprays and hair rinses by Bio World.

Bio World is a Belarusian cosmetic brand whose motto is “The best from all over the world for you”. The brand’s philosophy is based on synergy between humans and nature. The company formulates its products with natural ingredients from sustainable sources, uses biodegradable and recyclable materials, and supports conservation and animal welfare organisations.

Bio World offers two cosmetic lines, Secret Life and Botanica. The latter is made up of natural skin and hair care products free of harsh surfactants, mineral oils, polyethylene granules, and other potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. Among other products, it includes hair masks, conditioning sprays and hair rinses designed to revitalise the hair, boost its strength and elasticity, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Ginger + Red Ginseng SOS Strengthening Mask

Suitable for all hair types, this mask will effectively revitalise and strengthen even very weak, dull, brittle, and damaged hair. It improves hair structure, gives the hair a healthy shine, boosts its elasticity and flexibility, and stimulates the growth of healthy hair.

The product is formulated with ginseng extract, ginger extract, coconut oil, and a blend of essential oils. Ginger extract improves circulation in the scalp, prevents itching and flaking, and boosts hair growth. Antioxidant-rich ginseng extract nourishes hair follicles and provides protection from free radicals. Coconut oil moisturises the hair and produces a conditioning effect, while essential oils prevent dandruff.

To make your hair softer, stronger and tamer, apply the mask to damp hair after showering, put on a shower cap and wrap your head in a towel. In 15 minutes, rinse the mask off with warm water.

Black Cumin + Colourless Henna Renovation Repairing Mask

This mask is specifically designed for weak and dull hair. It can repair and revitalise the hair that has been damaged by frequent blow-drying, heat styling, colour treating, bleaching, perm, or other external factors.

The key active ingredients that can be found in the product include black cumin oil, colourless (neutral) henna, and coconut oil. Neutral henna smooths down keratin scales, making the hair appear smoother, sleeker and glossier. Black cumin oil and coconut oil are rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients. They nourish and moisturise the hair, repair damaged hair shafts, and provide protection from the environment.

To repair your hair and keep it looking and feeling healthy, use this mask at least once a week. For a better effect, don’t forget to put on a shower cap and a towel after applying the product.

Lavender + Rosemary + Thyme Herbal Hair Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural hair rinses. Thanks to its acidic pH, it balances the scalp and smooths down the cuticle of the hair, making your hair softer, smoother, shinier and more manageable.

In Bio World’s vinegar hair rinse, apple cider vinegar is infused with herbal extracts (lavender, rosemary, sage and thyme). These extract have a refreshing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. They balance the scalp, prevent itching and flaking, combat dandruff, and boost hair growth. In addition, they make the hair tamer, prevent tangling, restore the hair’s healthy shine, improve hair elasticity and flexibility, and make styling easier.

The vinegar needs to be applied to clean, wet hair after washing and conditioning and before the final rinsing. It is not a leave-in product!

Colourless Henna + Ginger Caring Spray for Hair

This is a silicone-free leave-in product for all hair types. It makes the hair stronger, softer and shinier, makes combing and styling easier, prevents hair colour from fading, and keeps the hair from getting brittle and tangled.

The spray is formulated with ginger root extract, neutral henna extract, sugar cane extract, lemon extract, honey, and organic acids. These ingredients strengthen the hair and make it look thicker, protect the hair from the environment, stimulate dormant follicles and thus boost hair growth, keep the hair nourished and hydrated. The product is easy to use, all you need to do is spray it on dry hair and style it as you would normally do.

You can buy hair care products by Bio World in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a wide selection of natural and organic cosmetics and deliver internationally.

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