Agor Face Masks with Kombu Extract

Agor Face Masks with Kombu ExtractVarious species of kelp (brown algae seaweed) are valued for their high content of various nutrients. Kombu (Japanese kelp), for instance, is a staple of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisines. In addition, its extract is used in cosmetic production because of its nourishing and revitalising properties. Ukrainian beauty brand Agor, for example, presents a collection of face masks formulated with kombu concentrate.

Agor is a Ukraine-based company that produces natural cosmetic products formulated with premium-quality ingredients. Originally, it exclusively produced dry products consisting of finely powdered herbs and minerals. After several years, its product range expanded to include facial masks, body lotions, mineral salt deodorants, hair sprays, facial creams and serums, herbal distillates and phyto-active toners, aftershaves, and more.

Each of these products contains a carefully balanced combination of natural ingredients that are valued for their high efficiency. One of such ingredients is kombu (Japanese kelp) concentrate. It is rich in organic acids (pantothenic, folic, alginic, mannuronic, glutamic, guluronic), vitamins (thiamine – B1, riboflavin – B2, niacin – B3, pyridoxine – B6, ascorbic acid – vitamin C, tocopherol – vitamin E), minerals (iodine, manganese, bromine, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulphur), and other nutrients.

Thanks to its nutrient-rich chemical composition, kombu extract nourishes the skin and helps to keep it hydrated, boosts skin elasticity and firmness, prevents premature skin ageing, reduces inflammation and acne breakouts, keeps the skin looking fresh and glowing. Let’s take a closer look at Agor’s face masks based on this valuable ingredient.


This product with a detoxifying and lifting effect is designed to make the skin look blemish-free and flawless, as well as to increase its elasticity. Its key ingredients are kombu concentrate, Japanese pagoda tree extract, matcha extract, Baikal skullcap hydrolysate, vitamin C, vitamin PP, and various minerals.

Working together, these ingredients stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in the epidermis, detoxify the skin, smooth out fine lines, improve complexion and face contour, slow down the ageing process, prevent pigmentation, and make the skin look glowing with health.


This mask is designed to rid your skin of toxins and prevent its dehydration. Alongside Japanese kelp concentrate, it contains Jerusalem artichoke extract, licorice root extract, bladder wrack (fucus) extract, vitamin C, vitamin PP, and minerals. These ingredients are rich in nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin and keep it healthy from the inside.

The product provides the skin with the moisture it needs and helps to maintain the optimal moisture balance in the epidermis, stimulates microcirculation, protects the skin from the environment, produces an antioxidant effect, prevents irritation and inflammation.


The product is designed to take care of the skin around the eyes, reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, and prevent premature crow’s feet. Its key active ingredients include kelp extract, yellow sweet clover extract, butcher’s-broom extract, matcha extract, vitamin C, vitamin PP, rutin, and a mineral complex.

The mask prevents puffy eyes, helps to reduce dark circles and get rid of under-eye bags, keeps the skin nourished and hydrated, improves its elasticity and flexibility, reduces the early signs of ageing, and keeps the skin looking fresh and radiant during the day.

You can buy natural face masks with kombu extract by Agor in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer other skincare products produced by the brand, such as hydrolate toners, eye and face creams, mineral deodorant sprays, exfoliating masks, facial cleansers, face serums, phyto-acitve face toners, algae masks, and more.

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