Lavender Body Scrub by YAKA

Lavender Body Scrub by YAKA The skin of your body needs just as much care as the skin of your face, and exfoliation is one of the most important stages of body care. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells, excess skin oil and other dirt, making the skin soft and velvety smooth. If you’re looking for a good exfoliant, check out YAKA’s lavender body scrub with sugar.

Exfoliation, or peeling, is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s outermost surface. It can be achieved either by mechanical (scrubbing the skin with an abrasive) or chemical (loosening dead cells with acids or enzymes) means. Chemical exfoliants are typically used in salon treatments; at home, most people opt for mechanical exfoliation that involves body scrubs.

A body scrub is a skincare product that contains abrasive particles, such as salt or sugar crystals, ground coffee, pumice, crushed apricot kernel or almond shells, berry seeds, plastic microbeads, loofah powder, etc.

The main difference between facial scrubs and body scrubs lies in the size and number of these particles. The skin of your face is more delicate and sensitive than the skin of your body, so facial scrubs usually contain smaller and gentler particles, such as coffee powder. Body scrubs can contain rougher particles like sugar or salt crystals.

Alongside their intended use (for the face or for the body), scrubs can be classified according to their additional properties. There are nourishing scrubs, moisturising scrubs, revitalising scrubs, energising scrubs, anti-cellulite scrubs, etc. For this purpose, body scrubs are infused with various ingredients such as vegetable and essential oils, plant extracts, etc.

YAKA is a Ukrainian beauty brand that produces natural and safe cosmetics based on natural ingredients, some of which are certified organic. Its products are mostly free of animal-based ingredients (although some of them may contain milk protein, honey or beeswax) and are not tested on animals. Among YAKA’s body care products, there are several body scrubs, including lavender scrub, grapefruit scrub, coffee scrub, and sage scrub. Let’s take a closer look at the first one.

YAKA’s lavender body scrub is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin. Its key exfoliating ingredient is sucrose (sugar). Tiny sugar crystals delicately cleanse and polish the skin, melting on contact. As a result, your skin becomes clean and smooth without any scratches or other injuries. Sugar scrubs are considered better for sensitive skin than salt scrubs because salt can cause an itching or burning sensation.

Along with sugar, the scrub contains other active ingredients, such as apricot kernel powder, olive oil, lavender extract, and panthenol. Apricot kernel powder is responsible for an additional polishing effect. Olive oil provides the skin with nutrients, keeps it hydrated, makes the skin soft and supple, and protects it from free radicals due to its high vitamin E content. Lavender extract has antiseptic and soothing properties. It relieves red and itchy skin, improves skin elasticity. Panthenol stimulates skin regeneration and renewal.

Lavender body scrub by YAKA has a thick consistency, which makes it easy to use. The product is free of mineral oil, parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and other potential irritants. All fragrances and preservatives that can be found in the product are approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics.

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