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Home Doctor is a cosmetic brand produced by the Ukrainian and Polish group of companies Elfa that is well-known in Ukraine and Poland as well as in their neighbouring countries. Home Doctor is one of the company’s most popular brands. It includes skin and hair care products designed to take care of health and beauty of the entire family.

The Home Doctor series includes a wide range of cosmetic products for all generations. For example, it offers a decent selection of baby care products such as hygienic baby creams, gentle kids soaps, aromatic bath salts infused with chamomile and beggarticks extracts which soothe the skin. Beauty products for adults branded as Home Doctor include, but are not limited to, shampoos and hair conditioners, hair masks, hand and nail creams, body creams, lip balms, mouth washes, and many more. Finally, there are special products for the older generation. They help to cope with problems such as premature skin ageing and hair loss, boost overall physical and mental well-being. Home Doctor will take care of each member of your family!

Home Doctor products combine high quality, natural ingredients and low prices. The latter is especially important for those consumers who don’t like to waste their money. All products are formulated with European plant raw materials and produced using the latest achievements in the cosmetic industry, which makes them really effective and safe for your health.

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