Bath Salts by Home Doctor

Bath Salts by Home Doctor Bathing with natural sea salt will transform your bathroom into an at-home spa. Just add several tablespoons of sea salt into the water, and you'll get a bath that has both a cosmetic and a therapeutic effect. Bath salts by Home Doctor enriched with herbal extracts and other natural ingredients will make your bathing routine a time for indulgence and help you to get healthier.

INSIGHT Daily Use: Effective Cair for All Hair Types

INSIGHT Daily Use Sadly, many mass market manufacturers offer cheap shampoos and conditioners which only make your hair look dull and lifeless when used daily. If you want to take good care of your hair, you'd better resort to high-quality professional products that aren't always that expensive. For example, the Italian brand INSIGHT offers the Daily Use line which is both effective and affordable.

Honey Peelings by Savonry

Honey Peelings by Savonry Honey peelings by Savonry provide the most delicious and effective care for your face and body. These natural skincare products are formulated with fragrant floral honey, high-quality vegetable and essential oils, and herbal extracts. Savonry's all-natural honey peelings will transform your skincare routine into a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

INSIGHT Antioxidant: Natural Protection for All Hair Types

INSIGHT Antioxidant Hair exposed to constant stress due to mechanical damage, weather and other external factors needs both reliable protection and effective treatment to repair damaged hair structure. To take care of weakened and damaged hair, you should use special shampoos and conditioners enriched with antioxidants such as the INSIGHT Antioxidant series.

Hair Care Products with Argan Oil by OrganicLife

OrganicLife Shampoos and Conditioners Personal care products with natural oils enjoy increasing popularity due to their effectiveness. For example, many people use hair care products with argan oil that combine ancient Moroccan beauty recipes with the latest beauty industry developments. Ukrainian brand OrganicLife presents a line of shampoos and conditioners with argan oil.

Cosmetic Body Yoghurts by Savonry

Cosmetic Body Yoghurts by Savonry As a rule, a body care routine includes using nourishing or moisturising body cream to keep the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. However, not everyone likes comparatively thick texture of body creams, especially during hot weather. If you're looking for a light and airy body cream, you might like cosmetic yoghurts by Savonry.

Bi-Phase Facial Toners by YAKA

Bi-Phase Facial Toners by YAKA Using facial toner is an important part of skincare routine, especially for people with oily or acne-prone skin. Toners help to remove makeup residue, shrink pores, maintain your skin pH balance, keep your skin hydrated, protect it from environmental contaminants, provide a refreshing affect. There are different kinds of facial toners for all skin types. For example, have you ever heard of bi-phase toners by YAKA?

Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA

Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA Open comedones, also known as blackheads, are a common cosmetic problem caused by increased sebum secretion. Unlike closed comedones, they rarely get inflamed, but they don’t look very nice. One of the ways to remove and prevent blackheads is regular exfoliation with special facial scrubs such as Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA.

Crystal Rock Men’s Deodorants

Crystal Rock Men’s Deodorants Men tend to have stronger body odour than women, that’s why men’s deodorants typically have a more pronounced effect than women’s. But that’s not always the case. For example, Crystal produces men’s and women’s deodorants formulated with the same key ingredient, a natural mineral salt called potassium alum. The only difference is that its men’s deodorants (Crystal Rock) have the so-called masculine scent.

Sugar Body Scrubs by Savonry

Sugar Body Scrubs by Savonry If you want healthy, smooth, and glowing skin, regular exfoliation is a must. Body scrubs probably are the most popular personal care products designed for exfoliation. But there are so many of them, how to choose the one that will be just right for you? We suggest that you opt for an all-natural scrub. For example, Savonry offers sugar body scrubs formulated with cane sugar and a blend of oils and herbal extracts.