Top 5 Skincare Products by Bio World

Top 5 Bio World Skincare ProductsBio World is a Belarusian beauty brand that specialises in the production of safe, natural and hypoallergenic skin and hair care products, many of which are also vegan. Although it has been founded relatively recently, its products are quite popular in Belarus and its neighbouring countries. Here are our top picks of skincare products offered by Bio World (all of which you can buy in our online shop Organic Store).

#1. Secret Life Effect Creams

The so-called effect creams belong to the brand’s collection titled Secret Life. They are designed for women whose skin needs extra protection from the hazards of living in a big city. The key active ingredients that can be found in these creams are swiftlet nest mucin (a type of protein) and patented complexes, such as AQUA SHUTTLE, YOGURTENE and PROTEOPLUS. They provide the skin with the moisture, nutrients and protection it needs.

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#2. Botanic Facial Creams

These facial creams are part of another popular collection produced by Bio World, Botanica. They are called “botanic” because the formulations of these creams are based on botanical ingredients, such as carrier and essential oils, herbal extracts, and other plant-derived ingredients. The latter include, for example, MossCellTec, a highly innovative anti-ageing agent obtained from biotechnologically produced moss.

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#3. Secret Life Face Masks

In addition to effect creams, the Secret Life collection includes several facial masks with various effects for different skin types. For example, Super Hydrating Facial Cryo Mask with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid actively moisturises the skin, Charcoal Powder Facial Detox Mask with activated carbon and lemon peel extract has a cleansing and whitening effect, and Exfoliating Peel-Off Face Mask and Cleansing Peel-Off Face Mask help to get rid of dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads, as well as reduce pigmentation and improve complexion.

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#4. Botanica Face Masks

In Bio World’s Botanica collection, you will find vegetarian and vegan face masks for all skin types. They are free of animal products (except for one mask that contains honey), mineral oil and aggressive active ingredients. You can choose from four masks with different active ingredients and effects: Heating Facial Thermo Mask with chili pepper, white clay and charcoal, Moisturising Facial Cryo Mask with basil, peppermint and strawberry seeds, Rejuvenating Face Lift Mask with olive oil, grapeseed powder and rhubarb extract, and Nourishing Facial Cream Mask with turmeric, honey, and pumpkin extract.

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#5. Botanica Face Scrubs

In addition to moisturising, nourishment and protection, your skin needs regular exfoliation. It is the process of removing dead cells from the skin surface that can be achieved by chemical (organic acids and enzymes) or mechanical (scrubs) means. Botanica face scrubs by Bio World contain very gentle exfoliating particles (nut shell powder, pumice, raspberry seeds, volcanic sand, charcoal, loofah powder, chia seed powder) that polish the skin very gently, but effectively.

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