Amazing Skin and Hair Benefits of Black Cumin

Amazing Skin and Hair Benefits of Black Cumin Black cumin, also known as nigella, black caraway, kalonji and kalojeera, is best known as a spice, especially in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, but it has also been used as a medicinal plant since at least Avicenna. In addition, black cumin oil and extract are widely used in cosmetic production because of their useful properties. What are the main skin and hair benefits of black cumin?

Black cumin (Nigella sativa) is native to the Indian subcontinent and West Asia, but it is also cultivated in the Mediterranean region. Originally considered a weed, it turned out to be a great spice due to its pungent, bitter taste that reminds of a combination of black pepper, onions, and oregano. Black cumin seeds are used as a spice in Middle Eastern, Indian and Polish cuisines; they are used to flavour baked goods, pulses, pickled vegetables, salads, and other dishes.

The medicinal properties of black cumin have also been known for a long time. For example, the renowned Persian physician Avicenna described this plant as a treatment for shortness of breath (dyspnea). Different parts of black cumin, typically seeds and leaves, are used in traditional medicine to treat various respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular conditions, as well as an immunity booster and tonic.

Speaking about the cosmetic uses of black cumin, common cosmetic ingredients that are derived from this plant include seed powder, seed extract, carrier oil pressed from black cumin seeds, and essential oil. All of them have a number of skin and hair benefits.

As a skincare ingredient, black cumin helps to boost the production of collagen in the skin and thereby improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness. It also speeds up skin regeneration, reduces the appearance of pores, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, normalises sebum (skin oil) secretion, and has a powerful moisturising and nourishing effect.

As a hair care ingredient, black cumin effectively prevents excessive hair loss, helps to get rid of dandruff and prevents its recurrence, prevents brittle hair and split ends, restores the hair’s healthy shine, and produces a conditioning effect, making the hair more manageable and easier to comb and style. Besides, black cumin prevents premature grey hair and makes the hair and scalp healthier due to its high content of bioactive substances.

Ingredients derived from black cumin can be found in various cosmetic products, including, but not limited to, hair and face masks, creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, infused oils, and more. In addition to using mass-produced cosmetics with black cumin-derived ingredients, you can buy black cumin seed powder or oil and add them to store-bought products or use as ingredients in DIY cosmetics.

For example, you can mix black cumin seed powder with water to make a paste and apply it to your face. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off and apply moisturiser. This face mask detoxifies the skin, helps to get rid of blemishes, and even smooths out fine lines. You can also brew black cumin powder in hot water, strain the infusion and use it to wash your face, rinse your hair after washing, or as a face toner.

Black cumin oil can be added to moisturisers, hair and face masks, shampoos, hair conditioners, and other store-bought products. You can also mix it with other carrier oils, as well as essential oils, cosmetic clays, dried and powdered medicinal herbs, oatmeal, and other products to make effective DIY face and hair masks, face and body scrubs, etc,

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