Body Shaping Products and Their Active Ingredients

Body Shaping Products and Their Active Ingredients Today, cosmetic companies produce an impressively wide range of body shaping products, sometimes promising consumers stunning weight loss results after the first couple of uses. However, not all promises that manufacturers make can be trusted. Let’s figure out how body shaping products work, what their key active ingredients are, and what results you can expect from them.

Some consumers believe that body shaping products can help them to get rid of extra pounds without any effort, but they’re wrong. You won’t lose weight if you rely on cosmetic products alone; a healthy diet and working out are essential for shedding extra weight. However, such products can be helpful as an addition to your weight loss routine.

You should remember that the main task of any body shaping product is to correct what is typically perceived as flaws, such as excess body fat in certain areas, cellulite (orange peel skin), swelling, and loss of skin firmness. To cope with this task successfully, such products contain a number of active ingredients that facilitate the breaking down of subcutaneous fat, stimulate lymph drainage, boost skin detoxification, provide hydration, and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

What are these ingredients? They include, but are not limited to, natural carrier and essential oils, herbal extracts, cosmetic clays (kaolin, bentonite, fuller’s earth, etc.), sea salt, mineral mud, charcoal, and innovative patented ingredients. These ingredients are conventionally divided into several groups according to their properties and functions.

Warming Ingredients

Body shaping beauty products with a thermal effect are formulated with warming ingredients; their main task is to provide a stimulating effect on certain areas of the skin and cause blood flow to them to boost local metabolism. Due to this effect, warming ingredients help to get rid of excess fluid and accelerate skin cell metabolism, helping to lose a couple of inches.

Warming ingredients include red pepper extract, mustard extract, turmeric extract, ginger extract and essential oil, cinnamon extract and essential oil, camphor. Their stimulating effect on the skin can be accompanied not only by a thermal effect, but also by redness and itching if your skin is sensitive. So it is important to use products with such ingredients very carefully and apply them only to undamaged skin.

Cooling Ingredients

Although cooling ingredients seem like a complete opposite of warming ingredients, they have a similar stimulating effect. They improve lymph drainage and microcirculation in the “problem” areas, prevent swelling by helping your body to get rid of excess water, and boost skin elasticity and firmness. Popular cooling ingredients in body shaping products include eucalyptus, peppermint and vetiver extracts and essential oils, ivy extract, and menthol.

Fat Burning Ingredients

This is perhaps the most extensive and popular group of ingredients used in body shaping products; each of such products contains at least one ingredient from it. The best-known fat burning ingredients include coenzyme A, L-carnitine, caffeine, theobromine, algae extracts (kelp, bladder wrack), spirulina, green tea extract, chestnut extract, guarana extract, ginkgo extract, and butcher’s-broom extract. Various essential oils (citrus, cypress, geranium, juniper, rosemary, cedarwood and Siberian pine) also help to stimulate skin cell metabolism and burn subcutaneous fat.

Skincare Ingredients

Body shaping products should also contain ingredients that take care of the skin and help to improve its appearance, restoring its healthy complexion, firmness and elasticity, as well as providing the skin with the nutrients and moisture it needs. For this purpose, body shaping products are formulated with various carrier oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter), aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, vegetable protein, snail mucin extract, etc.

Regular use of body shaping products will help you to get slimmer, but only as a part of a well-thought-out weight loss programme that also includes a healthy diet, exercise, anticellulite massage, etc. The main task of such products is not to help you to lose weight, but to make your skin smoother and healthier.

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