Top 7 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Doesn’t Work

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Doesn’t Work Have you ever been in a situation where your skincare routine didn’t work as expected or at all? It probably wouldn’t be a mistake to say that practically everyone has found themselves in such a situation at least once. But why does it happen? Why do even high-quality skincare products sometimes turn out ineffective? Here are top 7 reasons why your skincare routine doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, there are no magic moisturisers, masks or serums that can immediately solve all your problems. No matter what manufacturers promise, skincare products can’t do miracles; they can’t turn back the clock or transform someone from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan overnight.

Therefore, skincare products are not omnipotent, no matter how much one wants to believe the opposite. Even very expensive and very effective products sometimes don’t work as well as you want them to, simply because every skincare product has its limits. So too high expectations are one of the main reasons why skincare products don’t work.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t expect any results at all. On the contrary, good cosmetics can and should nourish and moisturise the skin, make it softer and smoother, produce a refreshing and toning effect, even out skin tone, combat imperfections, maintain skin firmness and elasticity, protect the skin from the environment, and solve whatever skin problems they are designed to solve.

But what if it doesn’t happen? Are unscrupulous manufacturers and advertisers the ones to blame? Sometimes they are, but sometimes the reason why your skincare routine doesn’t work is that the routine itself is wrong. Some of your beauty habits might prevent creams, serums, masks, and other beauty products from working effectively. Here are a few reasons why your skincare routine might be less effective than you want it to.

You don’t know how your skin is supposed to look like

This phrase may seem strange and even absurd, but in our age of Photoshop and Instagram filters, many people seem to have completely forgotten what ordinary healthy skin looks like without retouching. For example, a little shine in the T-zone, visible pores (whose size is determined genetically) and some other things that many consider imperfections are in fact completely normal for any skin type.

You choose skincare products on a whim

If you buy skincare products without realizing why and how exactly you are going to use them, it may turn out that some of the products you’ve bought are completely incompatible with one another. In the best case, they will cancel each other out; in the worst case, their combination may lead to irritation and skin damage. Your skincare routine will never be effective if it includes products that don’t work together.

You apply skincare products the wrong way

Most people know that you aren’t supposed to vigorously rub products into your skin. However, there are a few more rules you should follow if you want your skincare routine to work. For example, moisturisers with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid or collagen should be applied to wet skin in order to boost their hydrating effect. On the contrary, products with retinol or niacinamide should be applied to dry skin because moisture renders them less effective.

You apply skincare products in the wrong order

For example, if you apply a face serum after a moisturiser or if you apply it first but don’t follow up with a moisturiser, you are wasting both the serum and your time because it won’t work. A similar rule applies to all other beauty products: you should always start with the lightest products and follow up with heavier textures.

You do not take your skin’s needs into account

It is common knowledge that you should choose skincare products according to your skin type. However, the type of your skin isn’t the only thing that determines its needs. The condition of your skin may change due to stress, menstrual cycle, season, and other factors. Therefore it is important to use skincare products that suit the condition of your skin and meet its needs at any given moment and not just in general.

You’re trying too hard and disregard the manufacturer’s recommendations

You’ve probably disregarded the manufacturer’s directions at least once in your life and applied more product than recommended or left it on your skin for longer than recommended, hoping that it would work better this way. However, you were wrong; in this case “more” and “longer” doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you use skincare products by your own rules, do not be surprised when they don’t work as promised by the manufacturer.

You’re too impatient

Most skincare products, except for those that promise an immediate but short-lived effect, need time to start working properly. If you don’t see the result, you probably haven’t waited enough. It typically takes about a month for a skincare product to start working and for you to notice the first visible changes in the condition of your skin.

Of course, the lack of the desired effect can be caused not only by the reasons listed above, but also by a number of other factors, some of which are out of your control. As a result, cosmetic users have to be a little cosmetologists themselves in order to better understand the properties of beauty products and know what ingredients to look for to achieve the desired effect.

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