Food Grade Coconut Oil by Aromatika

Food Grade Coconut Oil by Aromatika Coconut oil, also known as copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel of coconuts. It is widely used both in cooking and as a personal moisturiser for skin and hair. There are different types of coconut oil, some are suitable for cooking, while others are specifically designed for cosmetic use. If you intend to use coconut oil for both purposes, you need food grade coconut oil.

Some people think that all vegetable oils can be strictly divided into cooking oils and cosmetic oils. Some oils are indeed unsuitable for cooking because of their low smoking point. They include grape seed oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil, etc. Although most of such oils can still be used in salad dressings. Besides, vegetable oils sold as cosmetic products may contain additional ingredients (petrolatum, artificial stabilizers and preservatives, etc.) which make them unsuitable for consumption.

However, pure food grade coconut oil can be used both for cooking and personal care. It is commonly used for frying and to replace animal fats in baked and confectionery goods. As far as personal use is concerned, coconut oil is considered an effective moisturiser. Ukrainian brand Aromatika offers 100% Pure Unrefined Edible Coconut Oil extracted from Philippine coconuts by cold pressing.

Coconut oil contains high levels of saturated fat, so World Health Organization and many other health and nutrition organizations advise against consuming it on a regular basis. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consume it at all. Your body needs some amount of saturated fat to stay healthy. Because a large proportion of saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, this oil is preferable to animal fats when used in cooking. Besides, unrefined coconut oil has a pleasant nutty flavour with a touch of sweetness which works well in sautés, pastries, and baked goods. Coconut oil can be a great addition to your diet, just don’t consume it too often. Moderation is the key.

As we’ve already mentioned above, food grade coconut oil can be used as a cosmetic oil, too. Asian women have been using it for centuries to take care of their skin and hair. It is most often used to prevent skin dryness and to reduce protein loss in hair. Besides, it is a common base ingredient for the manufacture of natural soap.

Use of Food Quality Coconut Oil

Skin care. Coconut oil is effective and safe when used as a moisturiser for mild skin dryness. Due to its high levels of saturated fat, coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so you should gently heat it before using (coconut oil melts at about 27 °C, so putting a jar or bottle of coconut oil in warm water should do the trick). You can mix liquid coconut oil with other vegetable and essential oils to make a massage oil. Coconut oil is a natural UV filter so you can apply it while you’re on the beach to prevent sunburn. Besides, it may be used as an additional treatment for some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Hair care. Coconut oil is a great hair moisturiser. It is known for its ability to prevent protein loss when used in hair. You can use it on both dry and wet hair. Apply some oil onto your hair, spread it along the entire length and leave the oil on for at least half an hour. Then shampoo the hair and rinse thoroughly. If you use coconut oil regularly, you will soon forget about dry and brittle hair with split ends.

Cooking. As we’ve already mentioned above, coconut oil is commonly used for frying. It is a common ingredient in many South Asian dishes. Movie theatre chains often use coconut oil to pop the corn. As they mostly use unrefined oil, it adds a nutty flavour to popcorn. Coconut oil is widely used to replace other solid fats in baked and confectionery goods. However, you should keep in mind that it is not advisable to consume coconut oil regularly due to its high content of saturated fat with corresponding high caloric burden. Use it as an addition to diversify your diet.

Just like any other product, coconut oil has some contraindications. It might cause allergic reactions, so we recommend that you conduct a patch test before using it as a skin care product. Persistent consumption of coconut oil may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so people with high blood cholesterol levels shouldn’t eat it too often.

In our online shop Organic Store you can buy high-quality food grade vegetable oils produced by the Ukrainian brand Aromatika. Coconut oil and cocoa butter by Aromatika can be used both in cooking and personal care. Try them out and see for yourself!

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