Ayurvedic Hair Dyes by Aasha Herbals

Ayurvedic Hair Dyes by Aasha Herbals Chemical hair dyes allow to obtain a wide range of colours, but everything has its price. Most chemical dyes contain harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation and make hair look dull and lifeless. That’s why many consumers prefer natural alternatives, such as Ayurvedic hair dyes by Aasha Herbals made in India.

Assha Herbals is a popular Indian cosmetic brand that offers various personal care products including natural oils, face creams, face masks, toothpastes, hair dyes, and more. The manufacturer combines natural ingredients, primarily Auirvedic plants, with modern technology which allows to preserve all the useful properties of medicinal herbs in the finished product.

Although Aasha Herbals produces a wide range of cosmetic products for skin and hair care, the brand is best known for its natural herbal hair dyes. Aasha’s dyes are based on an Ayurvedic complex comprising over 20 herbs that have been used in Indian traditional medicine for centuries.

Ayurvedic hair dyes by Aasha Herbals are 100% natural. They are free of peroxide, ammonia and other harsh chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and have other adverse effects. Herbal hair dyes allow to get deep, saturated colours and at the same time take care of the hair, helping to keep it conditioned and healthy.

Unlike chemical dyes, Aasha’s Ayurvedic dyes do not damage the structure of the hair. They gently envelope the hair shaft, simultaneously making the pigment penetrate into the cortex and creating a reliable barrier that protects the hair from the negative impact of various environmental factors. Active ingredients contained in the herbs take care of your hair and scalp, helping to keep them healthy.

Ayurvedic hair dyes by Aasha Herbals come in four beautiful colours. They are Cherry Wine, Bitter Chocolate, Golden Blonde, and Copper. Each shade has been created by combining colouring ingredients derived from plants in thoroughly calculated proportions. The plants used to create herbal hair dyes include henna, indigo, beet, Chinese rose (hibiscus), coffee, turmeric, walnut, and rhubarb.

Alongside colouring herbal ingredients, Aasha’s dyes contain a blend of medicinal plants. These plants nourish and strengthen the hair, stimulate its growth, restore damaged hair structure along the entire length, improve hair elasticity and flexibility, help to keep it smooth and shiny. Hair dyes by Aasha Herbals are formulated with a variety of plant ingredients such as amla (Indian gooseberry), tea tree, aloe vera, sesame, black mint, curry tree, neem, babul (gum arabic tree), brahmi (Indian pennywort), bhringraj (false daisy), haritaki, lemon, and castor oil.

Each of these ingredients has a positive effect on the hair on its own, but they are combined in such a way that they enhance each other’s effect. It is one of the main principles of Ayurvedic medicine. For example, a blend of neem, tea tree oil, lemon and curcuma has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. As a result, it helps to prevent dandruff. A blend of rhubarb, bhringraj, red sandalwood, beet and bibhitaki provides a strengthening effect.

For your convenience, Aasha Herbals hair dyes are produced in the form of a very finely ground powder. It allows to achieve the desired texture without any difficulty, making the dye easy to apply. All dyes come with a disposable application set comprising a plastic cap, a brush, and a pair of gloves. Aasha Herbals dyes are free of peroxide and ammonia, they allow to achieve beautiful natural colors without damaging your hair.

Natural hair dyes are very easy to use. All you have to do is mix some dye with hot water and stir well to obtain a lump free paste. Using an applicator brush, apply the dye to your hair evenly, from roots upwards to the ends. Then put on a cap and let the dye set for 30 to 120 minutes. The longer you leave the dye on, the darker the colour.

Ayurvedic hair dyes by Aasha Herbals are convenient, effective and safe for your health and the environment. However, there is always a slight possibility of allergic reactions in case of hypersensitivity to one or several ingredients. So before using any hair dye, natural or not, you should conduct a patch test. Apply a small amount of dyeing paste directly to the skin and wait for 48 hours. If irritation doesn’t develop, the dye is safe to apply. You should also abstain from washing your hair at least 48 hours after dyeing to protect the pigment against washing out.

In our online shop Organic Store you can buy Ayurvedic hair dyes by Aasha Herbals as well as other natural dyes formulated with Indian herbs. They allow to achieve a wide range of shades including chocolate, coffee, black, black indigo, deep red, chestnut, copper, golden blonde, golden brown, and more. As an additional benefit, Aasha’s hair dyes will keep your hair looking healthy and radiant.

Aasha Herbals Hair Dyes