Rhassoul Clay Benefits for Skin and Hair

Rhassoul Clay Benefits for Skin and Hair Cosmetic clay is widely used as an ingredient in skin and hair care products. Probably the best known type of clay used in cosmetics is kaolin (white clay) but there are other kinds of cosmetic clay with different mineral composition and properties. One of the most unusual ones is rhassoul, also referred to as black Moroccan clay.

In reality rhassoul (ghassoul) isn’t black, it is dark brown or dark grey due to containing volcanic ash. Rhassoul clay contains high amounts of silica and magnesium. Other minerals contained in this clay include calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, lithium, zinc, and trace elements.

Rhassoul clay is mined in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Extracted lumps of clay are washed with clean water, refined to get rid of dirt and other pollutants, dried, powdered, and packaged. This clay powder is used as a personal care product or cosmetic ingredient due to its numerous benefits for skin and hair.

North African women have been using rhassoul for centuries to take care of their hair and skin. Rhassoul is used as a facial mask, body wrap, shampoo, hair mask, etc. When applied to skin, rhassoul provides a gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove dirt and dead epidermal cells. Besides, it helps to improve skin elasticity, tightens pores, enhances microcirculation in the epidermis, reduces and prevents puffiness. Like other cosmetic clays, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to normalise sebum secretion.

Rhassoul clay is also used for hair care. It strengthens hair roots, prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It also helps to improve hair structure along the entire length by smoothing out the hair cuticle made up of keratin scales, which makes the hair silky and shiny. Rhassoul clay also cleanses the hair and normalises sebum secretion in the scalp, preventing oily hair and dandruff. It can be used to wash dyed hair because it doesn’t affect the colour.

Before applying rhassoul to hair or skin, clay powder is mixed with water or vegetable oil to form a thick paste. It is also used by cosmetic manufacturers as an ingredient in hair masks, body wraps, facial masks, scrubs, and other personal care products. Cosmetic chemists combine rhassoul clay with other ingredients to enhance its effect and create high-quality personal care products.

For example, Planeta Organica, a well-known natural and organic cosmetic brand from Russia, produces Hair & Body Black Foaming Clay that can be used in the shower or in a steam room such as Turkish hammam or Russian banya. The product is formulated with 100% natural rhassoul clay that gently cleanses your hair and skin, making them softer. It is enriched with organic vegetable and essential oils.

Black Foaming Clay by Planeta Organica contains organic olive oil, organic eucalyptus oil, Balsam of Peru essential oil, bitter orange peel oil, argan oil, and juniper extract. Olive oil nourishes and moisturises the hair and skin, eucalyptus oil makes the skin soft and the hair silky, and Balsam of Peru oil strengthens hair roots. Argan oil is an effective natural moisturiser. Moroccan women have been using it for centuries for cosmetic purposes.

Many women are wary of 2-in-1 cosmetic products designed to take care of both skin and hair. This might be true when we deal with mass market cosmetics formulated with cheap synthetic ingredients. Natural and organic cosmetics, however, are another matter entirely. They are made with high-quality natural ingredients which have benefits for both skin and hair and whose effectiveness has been time-proven by generations of women.

Our online shop Organic Store offers several products for skin and hair care by well-known brands such as Planeta Organica, Organic Kitchen and Agafia’s Herbs. Our bath and shower soaps will take good care of your hair and skin and make them soft and smooth. They are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, and other potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

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