Hair Masks with Herbal Extracts by Green Pharmacy

Hair Masks with Herbal Extracts by Green Pharmacy Shampooing and conditioning might be enough to take care of your hair if it’s already healthy. However, very few people have perfect hair. If you what your hair to be thick, strong and shiny, you should invest into a good hair mask and use it at least once a week. Luckily, a good hair mask doesn’t have to be expensive, and Green Pharmacy hair masks infused with herbal extracts prove this.

Green Pharmacy is a popular Ukrainian beauty brand that produces a wide range of personal care products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, massage oils, bath salts, various creams and lotions, intimate washes, and many more. All products are formulated with herbal extracts and oils obtained from medicinal plants native to Ukraine. This makes them effective yet affordable.

The brand offers five hair masks designed to solve common hair and scalp problems such as dry and flaky scalp, brittle hair and split ends, weak and dull hair, dandruff, hair loss, etc. Each of the masks contains a thoroughly selected blend of natural ingredients that ensures its efficiency and helps to keep your hair healthy and conditioned.

Greater Burdock & Wheat Protein Hair Mask

This hair mask is suitable for all hair types, it is specifically designed to prevent hair loss. Key ingredients contained in the product are burdock root extract and hydrolysed wheat protein. They provide hair follicles with vitamins and other nutrients, reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Burdock root oil extract, commonly known as burdock oil, is widely used in Europe as a scalp treatment, but it is not suitable for oily hair and is hard to rinse off. The effect of this Green Pharmacy hair mask is similar to that of burdock oil, but it is suitable for all hair types and doesn’t require such thorough rinsing.

Birch Buds & Castor Oil Hair Mask

Dandruff (excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp) is a common scalp disorder. Its signs and symptoms include itchy scalp and flakiness. Although dry skin is the most common cause of dandruff, it can affect all types of hair. Birch Buds & Castor Oil Hair Mask by Green Pharmacy is designed to eliminate dandruff and prevent its recurrence. The product contains castor oil and birch bud extract. These active ingredients relieve itching and irritation, moisturise the scalp and helps to keep it hydrated. Besides, castor oil strengthens the hair along the entire length and makes it smoother and shinier. To complement and enhance the effect of the mask, combine it with other anti-dandruff hair products such as shampoos (an anti-dandruff shampoo is especially useful when dandruff is caused by a fungal infection).

Chamomile & Linseed Oil Hair Mask

Frequent dyeing, highlighting, bleaching or perm make the hair weak and brittle. That’s why dyed hair needs special care. Unfortunately, many hair care products wash out the pigment and make the hair look dull. That’s how a vicious circle gets created: you dye your hair, apply various conditioners and masks to make it look healthy… and then have to dye it again. Luckily, there’s a way to break out of this vicious circle. Green Pharmacy hair mask with chamomile extract, linseed oil, shea butter and hydrolysed soy protein keeps the hair nourished and hydrated and simultaneously prevents hair colour from fading. It restores and maintains the natural shine of the hair, improves hair elasticity and flexibility, and repairs damaged hair structure.

Lime Blossom & Sea Buckthorn Oil Hair Mask

Dry and damaged hair needs special care because some hair care products aggravate the problem instead of solving it. This hair mask with lime blossom extract, sea buckthorn oil and shea butter effectively moisturises the hair, provides it with vitamins and other nutrients, and prevents dehydration. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in essential fatty acids, it makes the hair softer and stronger, restores its elasticity and healthy shine. Lime blossom extract makes the hair tamer and smoother.

Nettle & Burdock Oil Hair Mask

Stress, illness and lack of vitamins have a negative effect on the hair, making it brittle, weak and thin. Nettle & Burdock Oil Hair Mask by Green Pharmacy strengthens the hair, makes it thicker, stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss. Its active ingredients include burdock root extract, nettle extract, avocado oil, alfalfa extract, Chinese knotweed extract, Indian pennywort (gotu kola) extract, and Szechuan lovage extract. They repair damaged hair structure, strengthen hair roots, and prevent the hair from getting tangled.

All Green Pharmacy hair masks come in two types of packaging: 200 ml tubes and 1000 ml jars. If you just want to try one of the masks out or need a compact product that won’t take up much space in your bathroom or travel bag, a tube is what you need. A big jar is a great choice if you want to save money: it doesn’t cost much but lasts really long.

The masks have a thick texture and are easy to spread over the hair. You don’t need to leave them on for long. 2–3 minutes are enough to get a noticeable effect. Green Pharmacy masks are most effective when used 2 or 3 times a week, but if your hair is healthy and you just want to keep it that way, once a week is quite enough.

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