Body Care Products for Weight Loss by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka

Body Care Products for Weight Loss by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka Planeta Organica, a popular Russian beauty brand, presents body care products for weight loss from its Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka line. These products are formulated with active natural ingredients that help to get rid of excess moisture and toxins, make the skin smoother, improve its elasticity, and prevent stretch marks.

Planeta Organica offers several product lines based on natural ingredients from around the world. They include Dead Sea Naturals, Secrets of Arctica, Secrets of Kamchatka, World’s Best Recipes, Savon de Planeta Organica, and others. The brand’s Secrets of Kamchatka line (often styled as Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka) includes several products for weight loss, such as body scrub, body wrap cream, and intensive cream. These products are based on herbal and mineral ingredients obtained in the harsh climate of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Perfect Skin Body Scrub

Perfect Skin Body Scrub by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka is formulated with volcanic clay and thermal mud from Apachinsk hot springs. These ingredients are famous for their high mineral content. The scrub has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect. It helps to get rid of toxins and excess moisture, improves skin elasticity, and makes the skin much smoother in just 7 days.

The scrub effectively removes dead epidermal cells without damaging the skin, as well as produces a pronounced detoxifying and lifting effect. Along with volcanic clay and thermal mud, its active ingredients include natural vegetable oils (jojoba oil, Siberian pine nut oil), herbal extracts (Japanese pagoda tree extract, mountain arnica extract, ginseng root extract, mallow extract), algae extracts, vitamins, caffeine, and sea salt obtained from the Sea of Okhotsk.

If you use the scrub regularly, you will notice the effect in a couple of weeks. It will eliminate the first signs of cellulite and make your skin velvety smooth. The product doesn’t dry the skin out and provides it with the nutrients it needs.

Intensive Body Cream

Intensive Body Cream for Weight Loss by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka is based on organic ivy extract and organic brown algae extract obtained from bladderwrask and kelp. It effectively stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, triggers the natural process of fat burning, prevents loose skin after weight loss, speeds up skin cell metabolism, and improves skin elasticity.

The effect of the cream’s key ingredients is complemented and enhanced by organic schisandra fruit extract, fennel oil, milk thistle seed oil, horsetail extract, mountain arnica extract, organic wormwood extract, organic horse chestnut extract, caffeine, sea salt, hyaluronic acid, and L-carnitine. When used regularly, Intensive Body Cream reduces body fat, prevents cellulite, improves skin structure, and helps to prevent premature skin ageing.

Multi-Active Body Wrap Cream

Multi-Active Body Wrap Cream by Secrets Kam-Chat-Ka is a great addition to your weight loss routine. The product is designed to break up excess body fat, help to get rid of excess moisture and toxins, and improve skin elasticity. Key ingredients contained in the product are ivy extract, bladderwrack extract, and thermal mud obtained from Apachinsk hot springs, which is known for its high mineral content.

The effect of extracts and thermal mud is complemented and enhanced by other natural ingredients, including white clay (kaolin), organic shea butter, organic coffee oil, kelp extract, ginseng root extract, Japanese angelica-tree extract, Siberian ginseng extract, orange oil, vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), provitamin B5 (panthenol), sea salt, and caffeine. In just 2 weeks of regular use, the wrap cream reduces body fat, produces a visible anti-cellulite effect, improves body contour and skin elasticity.

Of course, body care products are just a part of a weight loss routine. Their task is to enhance and consolidate the effect of diet and exercise, as well as to prevent loose skin and stretch marks that often accompany weight loss. You can buy body care products for weight loss by Planeta Organica Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka in our online shop Organic Store. Try them out and get the body of your dreams!

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