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Green Pharmacy Bath Elixirs Taking a bath is more than just a hygienic procedure. A scented warm bath helps to relax after a hard day, forget about everyday problems, and cope with stress and fatigue. And if you add some medicinal herb infusions or decoctions to the water, your bath will also have a cosmetic and even medicinal effect. Try herbal bath elixirs by Green Pharmacy and see it for yourself.

Green Pharmacy is a personal care brand owned and produced by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa. All cosmetic products labelled as Green Pharmacy are based on herbal extracts and oils with time-proven efficiency that has been complemented and enhanced by the achievements of modern cosmetology and pharmaceutics. Herbal elixirs by Green Pharmacy will transform your regular bath into a luxurious spa ritual. Let us take a closer look at Green Pharmacy bath elixirs.

Herbal Bath Elixir No. 1 Erotic Dance is designed to awaken sensuality. It is formulated with essential oils and extracts with a natural aphrodisiac effect. The product contains jasmine extract and rosemary extract, as well as ylang-ylang oil, orange oil, and ginger oil. These ingredients have an energising effect, increase sensuality and sexual desire, help to loosen up, and relieve anxiety.

Herbal Bath Elixir No. 3 Preventive is designed to boost the immune system, as well as to help your body resist respiratory infections. It also helps to improve your overall health. The elixir is formulated with birch leaf extract, oregano extract, echinacea (purple coneflower) extract, orange essential oil, and peppermint essential oil. The product has an excellent calming effect, it relieves stress and makes you feel better, both mentally and physically, in just a few minutes.

Herbal Bath Elixir No. 12 Anti-Age is perfect for taking care of mature skin. Its key ingredients include juniper extract, horsetail extract, lemon balm extract, grapefruit oil, and orange oil. The product has a pronounced rejuvenating and revitalising effect. It stimulates microcirculation, restores skin elasticity, and prevents cellulite. Its citrus scent helps to relieve anxiety and fills you with optimism and confidence.

If you desperately need to relax after a hard and long day, check out Herbal Bath Elixir No. 25 Good Mood. It helps to cope with fatigue and irritability, relieves nervous tension, and eliminates apathy. The elixir is infused with nettle extract, chamomile extract, Mexican marigold extract, rosemary oil, and orange oil. It helps to mobilise your body’s protective mechanisms and produces a strong rejuvenating effect.

If you suffer from insomnia, try taking a bath with Herbal Bath Elixir No. 38 Sweet Dreams. Its main ingredients include valerian root extract, motherwort extract, and lavender essential oil. These three ingredients are known for their calming and relaxing properties. A bath infused with this elixir relieves tension and fatigue, helps to cope with irritability and anxiety. The product also contains orange essential oil that will give you a mood boost.

Herbal Bath Elixir No. 69 Anti-stress is perfect for coping with stress and fatigue. It is formulated with thyme essential oil, orange essential oil, garden angelica extract, lemon balm extract, and peppermint extract. These active ingredients effectively relieve nervous tension and help to cope with fatigue and headaches. Thyme oil has a positive effect on the nervous system, lemon balm extract and peppermint extract improve sleep, and orange oil helps to get rid of disturbing thoughts.

Herbal Bath Elixir No. 77 Warming is good for your muscles and joints. St. John’s wort extract, blackcurrant extract and black elder extract have an anti-inflammatory effect, Silver fir essential oil relieves swelling and muscle and joint pain, and Siberian pine essential oil helps to improve your overall health. A carefully balanced combination of ingredients produces an analgesic and rejuvenating effect.

In our online shop Organic Store, you can find herbal bath elixirs and other bath products by Green Pharmacy, such as bath salts and shower & bath oils. We offer a great selection of natural and organic cosmetics formulated with herbal extracts and oils at reasonable prices.

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