How to Choose the Best Face Scrub for Oily Skin

How to Choose the Best Face Scrub for Oily SkinExfoliation is a must for all skin types, but it is oily skin that especially needs regular deep cleansing because excess skin oil acts like a magnet for dirt and dead skin cells. However, it is very important that you use the right type of facial scrub, otherwise things may become even worse. How to choose the best face scrub for oily skin? Here are a few tips that may come in handy.

Tip No. 1. Avoid Scrubs With Very Harsh Abrasive Particles

Although oily skin usually needs deeper cleansing than normal or dry skin, an aggressive scrub won’t do you any good. It scratches the skin and makes it lose moisture; in response, the skin starts to produce even more sebum to compensate. So instead of salt scrubs that are often recommended for oily skin, try a moderately abrasive product with cane sugar or apricot kernel powder.

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Tip No. 2. Try Scrubs With Fruit Acids or Enzymes

If your skin is very sensitive to mechanical damage, try a product where a mild abrasive (rice bran powder, ground herbs or algae) is combined with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or enzymes. Acids in low concentrations and natural enzymes (contained, for example, in papaya and pineapple) have a chemical peeling effect; they make the skin silky smooth without damaging or dehydrating it.

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Tip No 3. Pay Attention to Additional Ingredients

In addition to abrasive particles, scrubs for oily skin should contain ingredients that absorb excess sebum from the skin surface, keep oily shine at bay, relieve inflammation, and speed up healing. Such ingredients include, for example, natural absorbents (cosmetic clay, such as kaolin or fuller’s earth, activated carbon, etc.), salicylic acid, and essential oils (for instance, lavender oil and tea tree oil).

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Tip No. 4. Opt for products with a gel-like texture

Any facial scrub consists of a base that contains abrasive particles. This base usually has a creamy or gel-like texture, although some natural scrubs consist of an abrasive mixed with oil. Scrubs with a gel-like texture are considered best for oily skin because a lightweight gel doesn’t clog pores, helps to maintain the skin’s hydro-lipid balance, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy.

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