Agafia’s Herbs. Natural Siberian White Soap, 500 ml

Natural Siberian White Soap, 500 ml, Agafia’s Herbs
Natural Siberian White Soap

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Agafia’s Herbs Agafia’s Herbs
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Brand`s country:Russia
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  • Granny Agafia’s Recipes, a popular Russian brand of natural and organic cosmetics, presents fragrant Natural Siberian White Soap from its collection entitled Agafia’s Herbs. The product is designed for both skin and hair care. Extracts and oils obtained from 37 Siberian herbs, goat milk, royal jelly and beeswax nourish the skin and hair follicles, prevent dehydration, strengthen the hair from root to tip, boost the skin’s elasticity, give the skin and hair a light, pleasant smell and keep them feeling fresh and clean all day long.

    The specialists of the brand have spent several years researching traditional Siberian recipes and using them to develop the formula of this soap. The product is formulated with wild-harvested Siberian plants and other natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which will help to keep your skin and hair healthy and well-groomed.

    Natural carrier and essential oils (linseed, cedarwood, burdock, amaranth, chamomile, pumpkin seed, guelder rose seed, rose hip, wheat germ) ensure active hydration and nourishment, improve hair and skin structure, produce an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, make the skin incredibly soft and the hair tame, restore the skin’s natural glow and the hair’s healthy shine.

    A mix of herbal infusions and extracts (sage, yarrow, arnica, hawthorn, clover, jasmine, white willow, chamomile, Baikal skullcap, marshmallow, licorice root, red and white soapwort, oats, and more) complements and enhances the effect of oils, while goat milk and royal jelly serve as a source of proteins and other nutrients, and beeswax protects your skin and hair from environmental stressors.

    Essential oils, infusions and extracts give the soap its light, fresh smell, and its detergent base with surfactant-rich plant extracts provides delicate yet effective cleansing. Agafia’s white soap has an aromatherapeutic effect, which will be even more pronounced if you use the soap in a steam bath or sauna. Its thick, smooth texture makes the product easy and convenient to use. It can be used as a body wash and a shampoo. Suitable for all skin and hair types.

    Directions. Apply to wet skin and hair, lather, rinse off.

    Ingredients. Aqua, Cedrus Deodara Oil, Linum Usitassimum Oil, Amaranthus Caudatus Oil, Arcticum Lappa Oil, Cucurbita Pepa Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Oil, Rosa Canina Oil, Viburnum Prunifolium Oil, Triticum Vulgare Oil, Achillea Millefolium Water, Arnica Montana Water, Salvia Officinalis Water, Trifolium Pratense Water, Crataegus Cuneata Water, Jasminum Officinale Water, Padus Racemosa Water, Salix Alba Water, Chamomilla Recutita Water, Taraxucum Officinale Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sorbitol, Cocamide DEA, Melilotus Albus Extract, Ballota Nigra Extract, Leucojum Aestivum Extract, Adonis Vernalis Extract, Salix Alba Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract, Inula Helenium Extract, Althea Officinalis Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract, Saponaria Alba Officinalis Extract, Saponaria Rubra Officinalis Extract, Pinus Palustris Extract, Lamium Album Root Extract, Goat Milk, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Oryza Sativa Strach, Avena Sativa Kernel Water, Kathon CG.

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  • Agafia’s Herbs (Russia)

    In Russia, going to the banya (a steam room, also known as Russian sauna) is more than just a hygienic procedure. It is a well-aged custom and a part of Russian culture. Thermal bathing in the banya is a kind of a ritual which is believed to have a rejuvenating effect. Russian women used to use DIY cosmetics formulated with medicinal herbs in the steam room to make their skin and hair look healthy. Today, some Russian beauty brands have special series of beauty products designed for use in the banya. Agafia's Herbs is one of such series.

    The Agafia's Herbs series is produced by the Russian company “Pervoe Reshenie” (First Solution) that specialises in the production of organic and natural cosmetics. It combines traditional Siberian recipes and modern technology to create really effective beauty products. Agafia's cosmetics for the banya are formulated with Siberian medicinal herbs, valuable natural ingredients such as birch tar and propolis, essential oils and vegetable oils.

    You can use Agafia's products when taking a regular bath or shower, but they are most effective when used after a steam room because steam opens your pores, helping nutrients penetrate deep into the skin. Agafia's cosmetics take gentle care of your skin and hair and fill the room with relaxing herbal fragrances.

    The Agafia's Herbs series includes a wide range of cosmetic products such as shampoos, hair masks, herbal elixirs, soaps, face masks, body masks, massage creams, foot scrubs, bath salts and handmade anti-cellulite soaps. But it is probably best known for its thick bath soaps that can be used as a shower gel and/or a shampoo.

    All products branded as Agafia's Herbs can be combined with products from other Agafia's series such as Agafia's Bath, Granny Agafia's Recipes and 5 Juices.

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    1. I've heard a lot about this brand's black soap, but it weirds me out too much to even try. But this one is okay. The aroma is wonderful, it smells of sweet herbs. And the cleaning effect is there. Just pay attention to the ingredients! It contains bee products and milk so it is not vegan. I am okay with it but I wanted to buy this soap for by friend as a gift and only when it arrived I realized how wrong I was.
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