Top 5 Body Care Products by YAKA

Top 5 Body Care Products by YAKAYAKA is one of Ukraine’s leading manufactures of natural and organic cosmetics. Founded in the early 2000s, it has grown from a small, privately owned local company to one of the most popular cosmetic producers in its home country. YAKA’s product range is quite impressive; check out our top 5 picks of the company’s body care products.

YAKA offers a wide selection of body care products, including shower gels, body lotions and fluids, soap bars and liquid soaps, soft creams, body butters and oils, bubble baths, body scrubs, body wrap creams, foot creams, hand creams, intimate washes, and more. Today, we offer you to take a closer look at five new products with improved formulations that the brand has released over the past year.

#1. Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap Creams

Body wraps are considered one of the most effective remedies against cellulite. They contain ingredients that boost microcirculation in the skin, provide the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs, and make it soft and smooth. YAKA offers two creams for body wraps, one with coffee extract and chocolate flavour, and the other with spirulina powder.

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#2. SLS-Free Shower Gels

The majority of mass-market shower gels are formulated with sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), an effective and inexpensive foaming agent. Although it is considered safe for consumer use, this ingredient can irritate the skin and make it dry. YAKA shower gels are free of SLES; instead, they are based on gentle surfactants and infused with natural ingredients (oils, extracts, panthenol) that nourish the skin and prevent irritation.

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#3. Lavender Body Scrub

In addition to daily cleansing, your skin needs exfoliation to remove dead cells and excess sebum (skin oil). Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a good scrub for dry or sensitive skin; many scrubs are either too harsh for these skin types or not effective enough. YAKA’s lavender body scrub is specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin. It polishes the skin really gently, moisturises and nourishes it, and has a soothing effect thanks to lavender extract.

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#4. Natural Body Butters

Body butters are a type of moisturiser that have a rich texture and contain vegetable oils. They are designed for skin care during the cold season, when your skin needs extra nourishment and hydration to keep it from getting dry and flaky. YAKA presents several body butters to suit any taste: Rose, Lemon & Mint, Almond & Orange, Lemon & Bergamot, and Vanilla & Coconut.

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#5. Natural Body Lotions

In contrast to body butters, body lotions are very light. They are perfect for taking care of your skin during summer. YAKA’s body lotions are based on vegetable oils and enriched with plant extracts and hydrolysed proteins that will provide your skin with everything it needs. You can choose between lavender body lotion and vanilla body lotion.

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