Natural and Organic Bath Products for Babies and Older Kids

Natural and Organic Bath Products for Babies and Older KidsBefore buying any personal care product for your baby or toddler, you should pay really close attention to its ingredient list because certain ingredients (SLS/SLES, parabens, artificial fragrance) can irritate your child’s delicate skin. Today, Organic Store presents natural and organic bath products that are specifically designed for babies and older kids.

Bath Products for Girls by Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is a Ukrainian brand of personal care products for children aged 3 to 10. It offers a full range of dermatologist-tested products for your child, from shampoos to soap bars to lip balms. All of them are free of SLS/SLES, PEG and parabens. Pink Elephant’s line of bath products for girls includes Varya the Mouse Creamy Soap Bar, Musya the Kitten Kids’ Liquid Soap, Lisa the Kitten Kids’ Bath Foam, and Taya the Hare Kids’ Conditioning Shampoo.

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Bath Products for Boys by Pink Elephant

In addition to its collection of bath products for girls, Pink Elephant has bath products for boys, too. The only difference between them is that boys’ products come in green bottles instead of pink and have different mascot animals, but they are just as safe and hypoallergenic as bath products for girls. The collection includes Mikha the Bear Kids’ Shampoo, Sean the Puppy Kids’ Bath Foam, Yegorka the Hare Kids’ Liquid Soap, and Danya the Raccoon Creamy Soap Bar.

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Bath Products for Babies and Toddlers by Dr. Sante Baby

Dr. Sante Baby is a collection of personal care products for babies and toddlers produced by Elfa, a well-known Ukrainian cosmetic manufacturer. Its products are safe for babies from the first days of their lives. They are formulated with natural ingredients (plant-based surfactants derived from apple juice, milk protein, wheat protein, olive oil, panthenol) and don’t contain any SLS/SLES, parabens, dyes, mineral oil, petrolatum and other potential irritants.

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Bath Products for Kids by Pharma Bio Laboratory

Pharma Bio Laboratory is another Ukrainian brand. It is owned and produced by the Pharmaceutical Scientific Research Centre Alliance of Beauty. The brand’s bath products for kids include Antibacterial Baby Soap, Baby Soap for Sensitive Skin, and Baby Foam Cleanser. They are free of harsh surfactants and infused with plant extracts (chamomile, calendula, beggarticks) that soothe the skin and prevent inflammation and allergies.

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