Grün TAB. Dishwasher Salt, 1000 g

Dishwasher Salt, 1000 g, Grün TAB
Dishwasher Salt

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Manufacturer:Grün TAB
Category:dishwasher products
Weight, g:1000
Brand`s country:Ukraine
Remains:more than 4
Warranty:100% original product
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  • Ukrainian group of companies Elfa presents dishwasher salt from its collection of household products entitled Grün TAB. This dishwasher product performs three important functions: it softens the water, prevents limescale formation, and prolongs the life of the dishwasher.

    A lot of modern cities have hard water rich in calcium and magnesium ions. When such water is heated to high temperatures and then evaporates or dries, it leaves behind a hard chalky deposit known as limescale. As it builds up, limescale can damage the dishwasher heating element and cause it to break.

    Dishwasher salt is specifically designed to regenerate the water softener circuit of dishwashers and prevent the formation of limescale deposits. It contains sodium ions, which, due to the difference in charges, attract calcium and magnesium ions and remove them from the water, making it softer. Regular use of dishwasher salt prolongs the life of the ion exchanger and, by extension, of the dishwasher as a whole.

    Grün TAB dishwasher salt has the same chemical formula as table salt – NaCl (sodium chloride). However, regular table salt is no substitute for dishwasher salt, because it can clog the water softener circuit of the dishwasher. Dishwasher salt has large, coarse grains; they dissolve slowly, ensuring that fine particles do not block the softener unit.

    You can use Grün TAB dishwasher salt as needed by pouring it into a special compartment according to your dishwasher user manual. It softens the water, enhances the effect of the dishwasher detergent, and prevents limescale deposits.

    The product is Vegan certified, which means that it contains no animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Safe for the environment.

    Directions. Fill the special dishwasher compartment with salt according to the user manual. For best results, regularly check the salt level in the compartment, keeping it full.

    Ingredients. Sodium Chloride.

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  • Grün TAB (Ukraine)

    Grün TAB is a collection of dishwasher products produced by the well-known Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa that was founded in 1997. Today Elfa is one of Ukraine’s leading manufacturers of cosmetics and household products; its products have won numerous awards both in Ukraine and abroad, which confirms their high quality and safety for human health and the environment.

    The group of companies traces its history back to the foundation of ZAO Elfa in 1997. It originally sold cosmetic products from other manufacturers, but over the next few years, Elfa began to produce its own products and expanded its production capabilities thanks to the establishment of the NPO Elfa Pharmaceutical Factory in the city of Korosten.

    During the first decade of the 21st century, Elfa launched several new lines of cosmetic products for various purposes, intended for both at-home and professional use. The production lines of the existing companies were certified for compliance with ISO 9001 standard, and Elfa began to produce its own PET bottles for its products.

    In subsequent years, Elfa entered international markets and established partnerships with enterprises from different countries. It cooperates particularly closely with Polish companies and produces several brands (Allverum, Bishojo, Dr. Gloderm, Element, Vis Plantis) specifically for the Polish market.

    Grün TAB is one of Elfa’s newest product lines; it was launched in 2020 and became one of the first collections of biodegradable, certified vegan dishwasher products in Ukraine. It is perfect for all dishwasher owners who care about their health and the environment.

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