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Triuga is a Ukrainian cosmetic brand that enjoys high popularity among Ukrainian consumers as well as in neighbouring countries. The company produces a wide range of products based on herbal extracts, carrier oils and essential oils that help to take good care of skin, hair and oral cavity. Alongside personal care products, Triuga offers creams and balms for relieving joint pain, Ayurvedic dietary supplements imported from the United States and India, and a variety of Indian teas.

OOO Triuga-OM released its first batch of products in the early 2000s. Back then, the Ukrainian cosmetic market was just beginning its development and couldn’t offer a wide selection of high-quality and safe cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. Inspired by Ayurveda medicine that originated in the Indian subcontinent, Triuga teamed up with Indian cosmetic specialists to create the company’s first line of Ayurvedic cosmetics that combines ancient Indian wisdom and all-natural ingredients.

Triuga’s first products were Sustagin balms designed to relieved joint pain. First released in 2003, they were formulated with chestnut, red pepper, chamomile, peppermint, Silver fir, lavender, and eucalyptus. The balms were an instant success.

Inspired by the success, Triuga began to improve the formulations and manufacture other products based on the principles and recipes of Ayurveda. Today the company offers around 200 products including skincare products (creams, cleansers, lip balms, scrubs, lotions, soaps), body care products (shower gels, intimate washes, scrubs, soaps, creams, oils), hand and foot care products, massage oils, toothpastes and tooth powders, hair care products (hair masks, shampoos, oils), herbal hair dyes, and more.

The quality and safety of Triuga products are confirmed by rigorous safety testing by the company’s own scientists as well as by independent labs, including the Control & Analytical Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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