Organic Cosmetics: Why Choose All-Natural Products?

All-Natural Cosmetics Over the last few decades, science has made incredible progress. For example, scientists have learned to produce cheap synthetic analogues of many natural substances. Sadly, some synthetic preservatives, dyes and other cosmetic ingredients may cause irritation and other adverse reactions. That is why a lot of women prefer organic cosmetics made with natural, ecologically friendly and safe ingredients.

To some extent, organic cosmetics (also known as bio cosmetics, eco cosmetics or all-natural cosmetics) are a return “back to basics”. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used homemade facial and hair masks to keep their skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Many women still use DIY cosmetics along with or even instead of mass market beauty products. However, organic cosmetics are more than just grandma's recipes packaged in a fancy tube, jar or bottle.

Specialists in creating organic cosmetics very thoroughly select and combine natural ingredients. All ingredients used in organic cosmetic products are absolutely safe for human health. They are combined in such a way that organic cosmetics are remarkably effective and have the longest shelf life possible without using synthetic preservatives.

Organic cosmetics contain only natural ingredients: active ingredients, colourants, fragrances, preservatives. Such products must not contain aggressive or potentially harmful chemicals (parabens, SLS/SLES, phenoxyethanol, PEG, etc), synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, perfumes and dyes.

The composition of organic cosmetic products must meet strict quality requirements. According to the ECOCERT standard (certification body for sustainable development), a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients must come from natural origin and a minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic framing. Plant-based ingredients must be derived from renewable resources.

Organic cosmetics must not contain animal derived ingredients unless naturally produced by them (milk, honey). They must be manufactured by environmentally friendly processes. Organic cosmetics and their ingredients are not tested on animals. They must have biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Thus, organic beauty products are high-quality and safe for both consumers and the environment. The safety of organic cosmetics is confirmed by special quality certificates such as ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, Italy), ECOCERT (international certification body headquartered in France), BDIH (Association of Industries and Trading Firms, Germany) and others. Independent organisations that issue these certificates strictly control not only the composition of organic cosmetics, but also the entire production process.

Organic cosmetics are hypoallergenic due to their all-natural ingredients that come from organic farming. Of course, no one is fully protected from allergies. Even natural and eco-friendly products might cause allergic reactions because allergies are unpredictable. However, synthetic ingredients have proven to be more allergenic than natural ones.

Organic cosmetics are safe even for people with very sensitive and delicate skin, children of all ages (including newborns), elderly people, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Some organic and natural cosmetic brands produce special hypoallergenic series that contain as few potential irritants as possible. Such cosmetics are often enriched with ingredients that have a soothing and healing effect (chamomile extract, sea buckthorn oil, etc).

So why choose all-natural cosmetics? The answer is simple. Organic cosmetics are natural, effective, safe and hypoallergenic. Regular use of organic cosmetics will help you to be closer to nature even if you live in a big city. Organic products are the choice of conscious consumers who care about their health and the environment. Don't you want to become one of them?

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