Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka by Planeta Organica

Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka by Planeta Organica Planeta Organica is a popular Russian organic and natural cosmetic brand that offers several cosmetic lines based on beauty recipes from all over the world. For example, its Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka series includes personal care products formulated with unique ingredients given by the generous nature of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Planeta Organica invites you to reveal the secrets of Kamchatka with its 17 beauty products.

Kamchatka is an incredible corner of our planet. Although it lies at similar latitudes to Great Britain, it has a subarctic climate due to cold Arctic winds and sea currents thus the peninsula is covered in snow from October to late May. Despite the harsh climate, Kamchatka boasts diverse and abundant flora and fauna. Valuable medicinal herbs that can be found throughout the peninsula are widely used in traditional medicine and as cosmetic ingredients.

Beauty products branded as Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka are formulated with herbal and mineral ingredients obtained in environmentally friendly conditions of Kamchatka's natural reserves. They include, but are not limited to, Kamchatka birch, Siberian dwarf pine, Arctic raspberry, cloudberry, cranberry, cowberry, crowberry, sea salt, thermal mud from Apachinsk hot springs, volcanic clay from numerous volcanoes of Kamchatka, algae from the Pacific Ocean, etc.

Each product that belongs to the Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka series represents the perfect balance between natural, organic, pure plant-derived ingredients and the latest technologies used in cosmetic industry. Due to maintaining this balance, the specialists of Planeta Organica created effective and safe solutions that help to cope with the most common hair and skin problems such as acne and blackheads, increased sebum secretion, cellulite, excessive hair loss, scalp dryness and flaking, dandruff, premature skin ageing, and many more.

The line of hair care products by Planeta Organica Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka includes anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner, anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner, and mineral hair mask that stimulates hair growth.

Anti-hair loss products are formulated with Kamchatka birth leaf extract, Sakhalin crowberry leaf extract and black chokeberry which provide complete care for your hair and prevent excessive hair loss. Biologically active substances contained in these extracts accelerate hair growth, provide hair follicles with essential nutrients and stimulate micriciculaiton in the scalp. Anti-dandruff products by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka are formulated with thermal spring mud, sea salt and a blend of wild herbs that regulate sebum secretion and eliminate dandruff-causing fungi.

Skincare products by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka include a seaweed facial mask for deep hydration, a rejuvenating facial scrub for deep cleansing, and a super active cleansing facial mask that unclogs pores and helps to shrink them. These products are formulated with bladder wrack (red fucus), kelp (laminaria), marine silt, white volcanic clay (kaolin), wild mint, thermal mud from Apachinsk hot springs, borage (starflower) and other natural ingredients.

Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka also offers a wide array of body care products such as rejuvenating bio clay, a nourishing hand cream, a refreshing foot cream, an energising shower gel, an intensive body cream, a nourishing body cream, a multi-active body wrap cream, a cleansing body peeling, and a polishing body scrub. The key active ingredients of these products are berry extracts (derived from Sakhalin cranberries, Kuril blueberries, Kamchatka cloudberries, Kamchatka sea buckthorn), herbal and algae extracts (derived from Far East ivy, Sakhalin fucus, Yakut wood sorrel, borage, Chukchi primrose), and mineral ingredients (volcanic clay, thermal spring mid, sea salt).

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