Organic Beauty Farm: Farmers’ Products for Your Skin and Hair

Organic Beauty Farm Farmers’ Products for Your Skin and Hair In Russian villages, women have long been using fresh farmers’ products to take care of their skin and hair. Traditional rural beauty recipes included products such as milk, honey, eggs, soured milk, etc. These traditional recipes have been rediscovered and are now re-interpreted in the natural cosmetic line Organic Beauty Farm produced by the Russian company Pervoe Reshenie (First Solution).

Skin and hair care products branded as Organic Beauty Farm are formulated with farmers’ products supplied by farms which are located in clean areas of Russia where there are no plants and other sources of pollution in the vicinity. What is the secret of their effectiveness? These products contain only premium quality ingredients and are produced using a special technology which allows to preserve maximum nutrients contained in farmers’ products.

Pervoe Reshenie has partnered up with Russia’s best organic farms known for the high quality of their products. For instance, the famous Sumarokov moose farm (Kostroma Oblast) supplies elk milk. Beeswax and honey are supplied by the Bukin apiary (Volgograd Oblast). Egg protein contained in some of the products is obtained from eggs supplied by the Lukino farm situated in Tula Oblast. Goat milk and milk products are supplied by the Bulgakov farm (until recently known as the Sukhanov farm) in Dmitrov Raion of Moscow Oblast.

Farmers’ products contained in Organic Beauty Farm cosmetics are combined with natural extracts and oils obtained from medicinal plants. Herbal ingredients that have been used to enhance the effect of farmers’ products include wormwood extract, horse-heal (elecampane) root extract, birch bud extract, burdock extract, marshmallow root extract, mallow extract, evening primrose oil, burdock oil, wheat germ oil, pine nut oil, and more. Some of these ingredients are certified organic.

Thoroughly selected combinations of natural ingredients contained in Organic Naturally Professional cosmetics ensure their high efficiency. For example, Kefir Hair Mask formulated with whey from an eco dairy farm in Kostroma Oblast takes great care of oily hair which has been confirmed by tests involving 100 women. It restores the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp, makes the hair stronger and healthier, and keeps it looking clean and fresh for hours without weighing it down.

The key ingredient of Honey Hair Mask is 100% natural beeswax supplied by the Bukin apiary (Volgograd Oblast). The mask is perfect for normal and dry hair. It is designed to restore the elasticity and natural shine of the hair. The product increases hair volume, makes the hair softer and shinier. It also helps to prevent the hair from getting tangled and makes combing and styling easier.

The brand’s Egg & Honey hair mask contains egg protein obtained from eggs from the Lukino farm in Tula Oblast. Another active ingredient of the product is buckwheat honey known for its nourishing properties. The mask is suitable for all hair types. It makes the hair stronger and increases its elasticity and flexibility, restores the natural healthy shine of your hair, and helps to make it much tamer.

These three masks are just examples. Organic Beauty Farm offers a wide array of personal care products including shampoos, hair conditioners, hair masks, body scrubs, shower gels, bath foams, body creams, and liquid soaps.

All Organic Beauty Farm products are free of GMO, parabens, formaldehyde and other potentially irritating, allergenic or harmful ingredients. They contain certified organic herbal extracts. Another advantage of these products is their affordability. Pervoe Reshenie offers effective skin and hair care products formulated with natural ingredients at reasonable prices so they won’t become a burden for your family budget.

You can order Organic Beauty Farm products in our online shop Organic Store. All you have to do is add the products you’d like to try to your shopping basket and submit your order. We’ll take care of the rest. Treat yourself to traditional beauty recipes and high-quality farmers’ products!

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