Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica

Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica The health benefits of Dead Sea products such as salt and mud have been known for many years. Cosmetic products that contain ingredients obtained from the Dead Sea can take good care of your skin and hair, helping to keep them healthy and conditioned. Check out Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica, an innovative cosmetic line formulated with Dead Sea minerals and certified organic ingredients.

Located between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is a unique creation of nature. It is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water and the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. The surface and shores of this lake are over 400 metres below sea level. The Jordan River is the only major water source flowing into the Dead Sea and there are no outlet streams. With almost 35% salinity, no fish or aquatic plants can survive in the sea. That’s why it is called “dead”, although minuscule quantities of microbial fungi and bacteria can be found in the water.

Due to natural conditions in which the Dead Sea was formed, the composition of its water is very different from that of ocean water. The mineral content of the Dead Sea water varies with temperature, depth and season. Dead Sea salt is mainly composed of magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium chloride, while the salt in the water of most oceans and seas is mostly sodium chloride. Thanks to the unique mineral content of water and climate, the Dead Sea area has become a popular centre for climatotherapy, heliotherapy and thalassotherapy.

Dermatologists believe that cosmetic products formulated with Dead Sea water, salt or mud are extremely effective in taking care of skin and even preventing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Dead Sea salt is a natural exfoliating agent and Dead Sea mud is widely used for body wraps and compresses. Russian cosmetic brand Planeta Organica has combined salt and mud obtained from the Dead Sea with organic herbal ingredients to create a line of effective, safe and affordable cosmetic products designed for all skin and hair types.

Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica is a cosmetic line that includes pure Dead Sea salt and mud that can be used for baths and body wraps, body scrubs and peelings, body creams and gels, massage oils, body wrap creams, hand creams, foot creams, shower gels, face creams, face masks, face scrubs, hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners. All these products are certified kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Russia.

Body care products by Dead Sea Naturals help to cleanse the skin as well as keep it nourished, hydrated and conditioned. According to Planeta Organica, they have the following properties:

  • Have a detoxifying effect on the skin and help it to breathe.
  • Stimulate skin cell regeneration and speed up skin renewal.
  • Keep your skin looking healthy and improve its elasticity.
  • Help to relax and relieve stress and fatigue.

The Dead Sea Naturals line includes a wide range of products, but its main focus is on modelling cosmetics which help to improve body contour, prevent cellulite, make the skin silky smooth, and provide a lifting effect. They help to get rid of excess weight and cellulite, prevent pigmentation and improve skin elasticity.

Modelling products by Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals include body wrap creams (Thermoactive, Contour, Drainage), body scrubs and peelings (Hot, Salt & Honey, Salt & Minerals), body creams (Body Shaping Gel, Night Corrector Cream, Lifting Body Cream, Rejuvenating Body Butter), anti-cellulite massage oil, and anti-cellulite concentrated serum. These products are most effective when combined in a treatment regimen and used regularly over an extended period of time.

In our online shop Organic Store you can find Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of skin and hair care products formulated with Dead Sea salt and mud including hair masks, face masks, face scrubs, foot creams, shower gels, face creams, hand creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, and more. We accept payment by card and deliver internationally.

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