Natural Cosmetics with Dead Sea Minerals by Salon

Natural Cosmetics with Dead Sea Minerals by Salon The Dead Sea is called “dead” for a reason: there are no fish, amphibians or aquatic plants in it because of its high salinity. But the unique mineral content of Dead Sea salt and mud has long been used in therapy, as well as to create cosmetics. There are many brands that offer high-quality cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals, including Salon.

Salon is a natural cosmetic brand owned and produced by Elfa, a well-known Ukrainian-Polish group of companies. Cosmetics labelled as Salon are based on natural ingredients obtained from the depths and shores of the Dead Sea. The effect of these ingredients is complemented and enhanced by herbal and algae extracts.

Salon offers several cosmetic lines designed for different purposes. For example, the line titled Salon Professional was created to repair and strengthen damaged hair. Products branded as Salon SPA Collection will take care of your hands and nails, feet, and the entire body.

Natural Dead Sea mud and salt are among the most interesting products offered by Salon. They come in convenient and compact stand-up pouches and are perfect for at-home spa treatments which are just as effective as expensive salon procedures.

Dead Sea mud by Salon is a natural cosmetic product designed to take care of the skin of your face and body. It is free of fragrances and preservatives. The unique mineral content of Dead Sea mud allows to cope with common skin problems and to keep your skin looking fresh and young. For example, it helps to remove dead skin cells and to detoxify the skin, stimulates skin cell metabolism and microcirculation, prevents cellulite, and has pronounced rejuvenating properties.

There are different ways to apply Dead Sea mud. You can use it for DIY masks and homemade body wraps, add to foot baths, or apply as an exfoliant. To enhance the effect of Dead Sea mud, you can combine it with other active ingredients, such as essential oils, clay, honey, vegetable oils, spices, dairy products, etc. You should choose additional ingredients depending on the tasks you need to solve. For example, if you need an anticellulite effect, you can combine Dead Sea mud with chocolate (cocoa powder), red pepper, citrus essential oils, or ground coffee.

Dead Sea salt by Salon can be used for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. It is known for its ability to boost the immune system, relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis and other joint diseases, and lower blood pressure. Dead Sea salt also has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to treat some skin diseases, such as psoriasis. Besides, it helps to cleanse the skin, stimulates its regeneration, strengthens nails and hair, and provides epidermal cells with essential minerals.

Just like Dead Sea mud, Dead Sea salt has a wide range of uses. For example, you can add it to cosmetic and therapeutic baths, hand and foot baths, and sponge baths. It can also be used as a peeling agent in DIY scrubs and for topical applications. If you want to enhance the effect of Dead Sea salt and to give it aromatherapeutic properties, you can infuse it with various essential oils and herbal extracts.

Not only are Dead Sea salt and mud by Salon effective, they are also affordable. You can treat yourself to at-home SPA treatments even when you’re on a tight budget. Our online shop Organic Store offers high-quality cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals produced by various brands, including Salon, Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals, Green Pharmacy, YAKA, and others. Try them out and see for yourself how effective they are!

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