Around the World by Planeta Organica: Old Collection with a New Design

Around the World by Planeta OrganicaPlaneta Organica is one of the most popular natural and organic cosmetic brands in Russia. Its products have earned well-deserved success in the brand’s country of origin and neighbouring states. Planeta Organica regularly launches new collections and at the same time doesn’t forget about the old ones, constantly improving their formulations and design.

One of the first product collections launched by Planeta Organica was Around the World. It was a line of skin and hair care products based on traditional recipes from 37 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, and many others. Five of these recipes are over two millennia old!

For its time, the collection was really innovative. The products were formulated with 17 unique organic oils from different corners of the world, 60% of the products were based on premium-quality essential oils, and 26 products contained exclusively plant-based ingredients. Organic oils and extracts contained in the products labelled Planeta Organica Around the World were certified by ICEA and ECOCERT, trustworthy international independent certification bodies.

There is no wonder that high-quality and affordable cosmetics produced by Planeta Organica for its Around the World collection quickly became popular among Russian consumers. So the specialists of the brand continued to search for valuable ingredients in the world’s most remote locations in order to expand and improve one of Planeta Organica’s most popular collections.

Today, Around the World by Planeta Organica offers skin and hair care products based on traditional beauty recipes from 68 countries and formulated with 42 organic oils and more than 500 different plant extracts certified organic by COSMOS Standard. The plants used in the brand’s products are grown in eco-friendly areas without herbicides, pesticides, mineral fertilisers and hormones; besides, Planeta Organica’s products are free of SLS and other harsh surfactants, parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, and other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients.

Although safe and effective ingredients are the most important aspect of any cosmetic product, design matters, too. In most cases, it is the design that captures a consumer’s attention and prompts them to take the bottle, jar or tube from its shelf and peruse the product description. Understanding this perfectly well, Planeta Organica specialists have re-branded the Around the World collection several times so that the packaging complies with the latest design tends. Most recently, the collection was re-designed in 2018, and its bright yet laconic jars, tubes and bottles became even more stylish.

Despite its new design, the updated Around the World collection by Planeta Organica still comprises well-known and well-loved skin and hair products, including carrier and essential oils, shampoos and hair conditioners, creams and serums, masks and toners, body scrubs and shower gels, thick oils and massage oil blends, bath foam and a lot of other products that will help you preserve and enhance your natural beauty. The brand still offers natural, safe and effective cosmetics whose quality has been confirmed by the positive experience of thousands of consumers in Russia and other countries.

You can buy products from the redesigned Around the World Collection by Planeta Organica in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer products from the brand’s other collections, both old (Dead Sea Naturals, Secrets of Arctica) and relatively new (Savon, Turbo Berry, In Search of Beauty Recipes).

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